What's a good first deck to build?

So I’m pretty new to this game and have found myself losing a LOT, obviously due to my lack of knowledge I’m not sure what cards and strong and what are worthless.

Does anyone have a good “babys first deck” ideas or decks I could try, right now I am really enjoying how green works so something green would be best!

I adore this game so far but I am getting destroyed online right now!

The first deck I built and used was a red/green. It used the basic cards and worked reasonably well up until about level 10-12/rank 20 ish. Not sure that is good enough for you or if you want something slightly more advanced.

The general idea of it is to setup a flame elemental in the middle in front of your god then use your buffs to put a clock on them. At this point people will either charge it or start throwing chumps in the way to buy themselves time. You run blood singers in order to punish them chumping your flame elemental so that when they do chump the 5/5 ranged they take damage anyway. If they try to rush you cards like grim guard and grove guardian stand to either side of your flame elemental as blockers and guards.

Seedling, while not amazing, functions as a very good free early drop along with flame spiter (who can hit face) and axe grinder. Underground brigand/boss give you resource even while under pressure just for fighting your opponent. Seifer’s fodder, grim guard, shedim brute, blood singer and seifer’s wrath all do damage over the top allowing you to finish off a lower health god who has managed to stabilize.

On the green front elderwood embrace and tiki caretaker are both stupidly strong at the moment, while deepwood grizzly, seedling and verduran force all offer amazing bang for their buck and put some much needed meat into the deck.

As I said before this deck isn’t that strong but it runs on simple themes and is easily augmented with any green/red/neutral cards you have. It also functions as the beginnings of a green agro deck, red burn deck and red/blue control. Overall I would definitely recommend playing it as it taught me the importance of resource control, area control and land control.


I would agree very much to what the first responder wrote. Just to word things myself, here’s my opionion:

Yes I would suggest to start with as many greens as you have, along with some focus to gathering Faeria (one of many strategies to win as well or sway the game into your favor). You may choose to include a couple of Red mixed into the deck if your booster packs open up Area Effect removals or any other type that you managed to get some “hard removals” is a good little mix.

I started with a 90%Green with a tad Red deck as well since I obtained a 6-cost 3R+3G card from my Bundle package 20 boosters. Currently, Tiki Caretaker and Elderwood Embrace buff cards… both help so much for combat survival and pushing forward.

There is also a close-to Mono-Red “Axe Flinger” archetype deck… basically Creatures that Fling Damage as you Summon or during Combat. If you obtained Fire Elemental in Boosters (if not unlocked Full Collection), you should take up that advice from the first reply that you place a Mountain right in front of your God—however that is a “tell”.

On top of having a specific color, also include at least ONE Freedom Fighter to proactively deal with a bad situation or if you have Protection type creatures, that would also help (just for the situational/tech cards)

Until you get down to knowing your favorite “three strategies”, then you can begin to move onto more of those “meta”-ish decks where you start “combo-ing” or “sacrificing”, etc.

Overall I would focus on learning how to obtain and understand position strategy in gathering Faeria as well as reading what your opponent is doing, so as to build a “flexible” game plan.


Everything already said is really valuable advice.
Joyfulrogue did a video about this his suggestions are worth looking into.
Joyfulrogue’s building decks from codex

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the first deck i came up with was blue/yellow.
1st cause i had twinsoul spirit in a pack early on. n wanted to use him.
2nd i kinda liked the value of both colors cards.

i prefer controlish/midrange play. so i luv cards like:

  • gabrian warden, her shield allows a creature to trade 2 for 1
  • frogiffy, no matter how huge the rivals creature is it will turn into a tiny little 2/2 frog, n it loses effects like “shield” or “deathtouch” as well.
  • spellwhirl, more cards = more possiblities, n you dont have to draw into fatigue too early ( fatigue = you take dmg each turn when you have 0 cards in deck )
  • lore thief, again a value card. collect faeria as a 1/1 creature n draw 2 cards. or defend as a 3/3 creature. ( if you own aurora myth maker your 1/1 creatures become even more useful )
  • twin soul spirit. just awesome you get 2 creatures outa 1 card, and you can summon them next to your creatures, so you dont need a land below. this also means you can chain 3 creatures to reach deeper into the rivals area.
  • water elemental n air elemental. summons an additional land. this adds tempo to your play since you can use your heropower to gain mana or draw, instead of placing the lands requiered.
  • wind soldier, soul drain n last nightmare. all 3 highspeed cards to take down the real dangerous stuff.

so what i did was keep trading rivals creatures until he ran outa steam, so i either went over to atk him or just keeped defending into fatigue.