What's the best play here?

Came across an interesting game situation today playing Marmotoso’s GB Simic Swarm. Thought it would be fun for others to analyze too. What do you think is the best play here? None of the creatures has moved or attacked this turn.

I phantasm’d the yakkapult from bottom left to trade with messenger and made a lake at top right and killed bloomsprite with bone collector.

Maybe it wasn’t so interesting afterall. Anyway, hope to see more interesting game studies if you come across them in your games. :wink:


There isn’t a lot that can be done in this situation if you ask me, what I would have done is phantasm the Yakkapult and kill the messenger, then take care of the tikki with the bone colector and lastly take an agressive land.

Wich seems like its the same thing you did.

Only other play I see would be +1 into Orosei, but you kinda leave it to the RNG - Gods and probably isnt as safe as the Phantasm.

Yeah, I thought whale was possible but was missing 1 land or 1 faeria. Not a very good example but hoping others can share their games too.

I’d use yotsuba’s notation for this but that means I’d have to relearn it, and anyone reading would have to learn it so…

Line 1:
MP the yakkapult trade with messenger and kill bloomsprite with BC.

Line 2:
MP the angry yak hit into 3/8 with yakkapult plus the MP’d angry yak

Line 3:
Make an aggressive lake, MP on it targetting the angry yak, hit into the 1/1 with yakkapult.

Line 1 is the play I’d probably make but here’s the argument for the other two.
Line 2 doesn’t trade, it develops the most stats onto your board while removing the most stats from the opponent’s board, however the 3/8 isn’t nearly as relevant as the 5/4 in this scenario.
Line 3 is winning the race if nothing on board changes, extremely weak to a green buff on the 3/8 or the 5/4.

Something to consider for those lines is how they affect bone collecter in the following turn.
on line 2 you do get a yak near the 1/1’s. However the opponent could double trade in before you had a chance to move BC over to take advantage of it. It opens your opponent up to a misplay, but it’s riskier to leave the 5/4 alive.

Here is my line (though I dont know your decklist)

  1. Yakkapult shoots 3/8 summoning a 2/2 yak
  2. Lake beside enemy orb.
  3. Phantasm at bottom left lake on the NEW yak summoned by Yakkapult
    Note: Hopefully it was summoned below 3/8 for perfect RNG. (Play varies based on summoning position)
  4. Yak steps onto created lake and hits face, able to collect faeria next turn if needed.

This sets you up with the most amount of good trades and highest possible value created this turn.
You can also whale next turn if he buffs messenger and hits face.
Seems like the best line :smiley:


Nice Kappa! Hadn’t considered that


Would it be worth stepping the current yak down to block that summoning spot for the new yak?

That’s actually a pretty good idea yah :smiley:

Played a game against Cappu just now.

I MP’d disciples defensively and summoned Wood Elemental top left.

Probably misplayed here. Cleared MP but didn’t use Gift of Rakoa. Conceded 2 turns later after he killed my whale in front of my orb.

Here is my line:

  1. Right most Wood elemental trades into enemy stalker (2/3)
  2. Left most Wood elemental hits face for 3 damage.
  3. Summon Deepwood stalker in the top left forest.
  4. Bone collector steps onto lake the wood ele used to be on.
  5. Gift of the Rakoa your Water Elemental for +5/+5
  6. Trade Water Elemental into the 6/5 Phantasm, leaving behind a 8/2 Water Ele.

This sets you up for greatest amount of value imo (Though you could consider using stalker gift on enemy water ele)

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Thanks Cappu. Yeah your line is definitely better. I was tempted to Orosei. XD

I don’t think you can use gift on stalker then attack with stalker. The stalker must immediately fight when summoned or it loses the immediate fight anywhere ability .


This is a deck using synergy of Path to Paradise with yellow haste and dash creatures. I made 2 lands here and missed lethal (next card is Path to Paradise).