Whats the Current Meta?

Hello Faeria player. Now that I can play again, I am just wondering what are the deck archetype in the current meta? If anyone could make a top5, No need to rank them just the 5 best or most played deck archetype right now. If anyone also has a deck list of one of them I could copy/build from I would really appreciate that.


I would say something along : Mid Red, Y rush, Blue mobility, YR burn, GY sac/GB wishes enchant

I guess these would be the top in tournaments (haven’t watched last weekend’s tourneys, so maybe somehing new has been introduced, though)

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Oh so pretty much the same deck than when I left, Y Rush overpowered? Or can you stop him before he can play 4 10-10 in a row :stuck_out_tongue: ? Would be nice to have some deck list to see if there’s some meta cards that changed.

As usual, you can stop him if you have the right deck, the right starting cards, and he doesn’t have an explosive start :wink:

Guess I’ll play red then XD

Don’t underestimate yellow flyers / midrange. People always do for some reason, which is probably part of the reason why it works so well.

He asked for the 5 bests, I just told the ones that were mostly played in tourneys, as far as I’ve seen.

Of course, there are others (event blue, yellow midrange, apex, supertoad, green rush …), but they’re not played as often and probably don’t have as good results on average (I’m not saying they don’t work at all and I personally like playing Y mid on ladder, but it’s not super effective ;))

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