What's your opinion on rush?

Do you think it’s fun? Do you think your opponents like playing against it?

Do you think it requires skill? Does your opponent need to think as well?

Do you think it’s healthy for the game?

Should rush become stronger, or should it be nerfed?


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It doesn’t really require “skill” more requires luck for a good draw but it is really hard to defend against since rush decks are built to be able to last 3-4 turns without extending to the wells and can apply pressure to the orb instead of collecting while most other control/mid-range decks are built around double collecting and can’t do s*** without the extra faeria.

Also the snowball effect is REALLY strong with rush. If you as a defender put 9 faeria into a creature and the rusher uses Last Nightmare it’s basically over for you. If you as a rusher spend all your faeria on low health creatures and your opponent pulls out Hellfire or Firestorm it’s over for you.

So yeah, IMO rush is a bit of a game spoiler for me. Maybe it’s cause i’m not a great player and I haven’t found a way around rush but yeah.

I’m interested to see what the rest of you think :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you think it’s fun?
I don’t enjoy playing it…so not for me.

Do you think your opponents like playing against it?
Not sure…I don’t play it. I don’t mind playing against it.

Do you think it requires skill? Does your opponent need to think as well?
There’s an easier learning curve - a noob can play rush decently more easily than some other styles. There’s still a difference between a skilled and unskilled rush player and there is room for skill to matter for both players in some rush matches. There are other matches that due to RNG are complete blowouts, but the same can be said of most decks given the right matchup.

Do you think it’s healthy for the game?
This question is misleading. Rush is what happens when a game provides a reward to a fast/aggressive playstyle. If a deck aims to win the game quickly, it’s rush. In most TCGs, slow decks have an advantage in terms of raw power…once they get going, they can steamroll other decks. Typically those slow decks use control cards to keep other decks in check until they get going. Rush decks flood the board early and overwhelm control strategies in the early game, but then fall apart if they can be stopped. They tend to punish a control strategy. Meanwhile midrange decks include some efficient cards and some control cards. They tend to do well against rush, but aren’t quite quick enough to punish control consistently. They tend to be weak to control. So you wind up with a rock paper scissors type of balance between the three broad styles (Rush>Control>Midrange>Rush).

If rush is not viable, then that means that aiming to win quickly is not a viable strategy. So then it’s a slow game, but some decks are slower than others. Should there be an advantage of some sort for playing a faster deck in this hypothetical slow game? If not, well then that means that the slowest deck will win. A slow game designed so the slowest deck wins gets rid of rock-paper-scissors balancing and replaces it with an even more boring type of balance. When oversky was released Blue/Green Whale almost succeeded in achieving this sort of balance. Would I rather have to fight occasional rush decks or the same slow control deck every time? Rush please.

Should rush become stronger, or should it be nerfed?
Yes? A leading question…there’s a middle ground too. Currently the meta seems ok. I’m playing a slow deck and doing fine. I don’t only go against rush, nor do I lose to rush every time.


There was a post recently on reddit about rush too.

I don’t like it but it’s not a huge problem I guess. Would prefer to see less rush anyway.

I like that it’s an option. IMHO it’d be a loss to remove it.

However, it does create a large number of matchups where deck selection almost guarantees the result. However, I can’t think of many ways to avoid that. Perhaps something like: making decks 25 cards then for turns 3 to 12 each player can add 1 card from their collection to their deck.

I’ve had many fun games vs rush, and a few as the rusher. But I’ve also had my share of games where I had no answer - one I remember I even died before playing a single card. But that’s just RNG, and it all evens out eventually.

I think it’s not a problem by himself and with rush existence we don’t have full greedy deck on ladder.

But actually, because of OP swallow mecanic, rush become very very horrible on ladder. Must kill with low cost crea before swallow.
Actually 60-70% of my games.

Faeria become Faerush.

And that is sad, really.