When a player surrenders, count their life towards damage dealt for the purpose of quests

Today I had the daily quest to deal 30 damage to enemy gods. I started up a practice Pandora run. In my first game, I got my opponent low on life, then he surrendered. In the second game, I got complete control of the board, had a bunch of strong creatures ready to attack my opponent, then he surrendered before I had done any damage. Now my quest was only half done, even though without the surrenders I would have done 40 total damage.

The solution to this is simple: if one person surrenders and their opponent has a “deal X damage to gods quest,” count it as dealing damage equal to their remaining life for the purpose of that quest.

(I found another thread on this topic, but it’s from last May. I wasn’t sure if it was better to necro a 9-month-old thread or make a new one, and chose the latter. Sorry if that’s incorrect.)


Thats a good suggestion :slight_smile:

A compromise would be to make it half of the remaining life?

Why would you need a compromise? It seems really stupid to get screwed out of completing your daily quest just because the other player surrendered.

Perhaps because this quest could be easily accomplished with the help of “opponent”'s duplicity ? Not sure if it’s a good reason enough though… ^^

I agree its annoying, I always play my losses out to the end. … But, on the flip side, I know people who don’t like “wasted time” and would probably be mad that I am forcing the inevitable. (like in chess)

If there is no “auto damage on quit” should there at least be a “recommended manners / How to Be Nice” page on Hub? For example, one of the pages that gets promoted now in the lower right corner.

Other quests get affected too, such as “Play X cards”

Maybe have an equation based on remaining health & distance of your nearest tile & proportion of cards remaining. … No equation will be perfect. And yes, there could be a larger problem with cheaty min-maxers with two accounts. Hard to fight against all problems

Sad to say but a recommended manners/How to be Nice page will be a complete waste of time. Do you seriously expect people to follow it? When this game gets launched you can expect the player base to be filled with players who will have bad manners. It’s online and that’s just how it is. If you want your quests to be auto completed like that then the amount of damage should be increased from only 60.

Heh, yeah I’m not suggesting that a game can be designed to give people good manners :slight_smile: But Faeria seems keen on nuturing a friendly population, and good will goes a long way. And I think this game due to strategy aspects has a good chance to attract people who are new to CCG in general. …

Likely I am in the minority here, but I would try to honor a “Did you know, it’s often nice if you____” kind of play style advice for online games. Or even a “Opinion letter on how to play friendly” from a ranking champion or something.

Any takers?