When does the day reset?

What time does the day reset and we refresh our rewards? I keep forgetting the time.

I think I noticed getting it around 8PM EDT, 90 minutes from the time of me writing this comment.

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Awesome thank you!

Hi everyone. When does the day reset? What time does it reset and where does this happen? I live in South Korea. And I’m guessing the server is in Belgium. So someone please tell me what time the server resets in Belgium and from there I can figure out what time it is reset from me in Korea.
I am asking for daily rewards, and the Goki Gold Miner dude which I purchased in the Steam Exclusive Pack/bundle thingy.
Thank you in advance to anyone who answers! (Maybe Atmaz?)

Sorry: …reset FOR me in Korea. (I said “from”. Oops).

Yeah so…what time the clock reset in belgie??

Clock resets in 1.5hours from now. Which would be 2:00am for someone in Belgium I believe.

The reset is at Midnight (12 AM) GMT, which means 2 AM CEST (the time in Belgium). I don’t think there’s a difference depending on your region, so just type “12 AM GMT into [blank]” in Google, [blank] being your timezone :slight_smile:

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Tnxs for the quick, clear and helpfull reply Emener :grinning: !!

No problem :slight_smile:

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