When does the Pandora season end?

I thought it ends every first monday, but I’ve noticed I still have my points and Monday already passed, so when does it end?

Because Monday is a public holiday, so it’s Tuesday this month

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At the end of the day?

I am just jumping in on the discussion with a question of my own. I have been playing for a week. I thought that maybe the wins in pandora carry over until I can achieve 3 wins and get a third of a pandora coin? I am guessing that I lost my pandora points during this monthly refresh. So what can I do with my pandora points before I lose them each month? Thank you for your help.

You don’t do anything with your points during the month. Your total at the end of the month determines what rewards you get at the end of the month with the reset. You can see the different reward tiers at https://esports.faeria.com/pandora-season

Thank you skorch13. Do you have to start your wins total over each day and hope for three wins? Because I suck right now. :roll_eyes:

Nope, active runs will never expire so you’ll always be able to play them out. Although you’ll earn a free practice coin each day if you don’t have one so its better to finish the run so you can do a new one the next day.

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