Where to report abusive players?

Is there a way to effectively report abusive players like DarkDreamer?


What do you means by abusive players?

In this case, ropers like DarkDreamer.


Using the time bank is annoying, but its a rule the game allow you to do, so, even if you can be able to report it, i don’t think it deserve any sanction.

He’s annoying to play, but it’s usually an easy win.

Opponent does legally have 90 seconds per turn, so he would not count as an abusive player.

playing vs DarkDreamer right now.
Devs gotta do something

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OMG, I played against this annoying guy several times, too! It’s extremely silly. He uses all his time even if the turn is super trivial; so no excuses that he needs the time to think. That takes all of the fun and is a super waste of time. Actually, when I encounter him outside of Ranked Mode I instantly concede not because of having problems beating him but because I want to use the time for something more useful…


I thought i was the only one. DarkDreamer purposely use all his time even on the first turn. I might quit if this guy stick around. I skip my casual everytime i meet him.

you best not quit on Dark’s account. Gimme a break! The player is total turd but…ffs- you can’t give them THAT big of a win. And if you’re playing casual, why not just auto quit? I’ve only ever seen dark play casual and the dude/dude-et sucks at the game anyway so if you’re in ranked it’s pretty much a free win.

DarkDreamer also brought me here. It seems like I am not alone. This game is good fun, but players/(bot accounts?) like that can really diminish the experience. There should be some way to penalize someone who has made such a widespread impact on the enjoyment of the game.

some weeks ago devs updated EULA to include stuff about griefers. just email support.

lol…i just googled him cause played against him for the first time…
At first i thought it was not on purpose…but okay…i started to take all my time too…have two screens…changed to desktop and did something else