Why can't the game be fun anymore?

I was having fun in solo grinding out for more cards “ruunin please appear in one of my boosters”, and I have come to a standstill because of the difficulty of the fights that I am not prepared for with my favorite deck. There are players in unranked that are much more seasoned than me, seeing as I am a three day pup in this magical world, making it really hard to want to face people just yet. You could say, “well face them with different decks”, and I retort with, but I have a favorite I want to build first and then I will do that; however this favorite isn’t exactly top tier meta friendly game dominating, so all the try hards just leave me in faeria dust.

So I ask the developers as a player, what is it that you are going to do that will make me come back to playing???
You want me to keep playing. . . Right?

I suggest playing in solo mode.

You may go for Pandora, or you may build something that you will like & that will be effective at the same time. But if you play some deck that will hardly win despite being fun, then … don’t expect to win often ><" (and that’s not the devs’ fault for once :smiley: ). But if you’re fine with loosing as long as you enjoy playing your deck, that’s good too :wink:

Although I am enjoying quite a lot the Solo mode, I have to agree with op that the match making system is flawed. I play for 2 days and I am matched with players who obviously are much more experienced than me? That sucks all the fun from the game. At least give a chance to newcomers to do something other than get stomped repeatedly. Maybe the ratings for each player were wiped and everyone is starting from scratch so experienced players are matched with noobs like me, and things will be better a couple weeks or months down the line, but right now there is not much sense playing Battle.

In Pandora I only had 1 run. I lost the first match and had to quit on the second because something came up and I had to leave, but having a free Phantom coin is a great way to learn more.

The game is very generous so far (maybe too much?), and the unique tile placement system is what has kept me engaged, after swearing off Hearthstone and its clones 6 months ago. It’s like Pox Nora and HS had a baby. After the necessary tweaks to the match making and to some cards, I bet the game will be very enjoyable.
I wish the cards had types so that the deckbuilding would gain even more depth. As things are now, I don’t know how many cards the game can support before power creep makes a strong appearance.

This game will not be good for casual players until the player base is much larger (IMO). Because then you will have lots of players on the ladders that are not playing competitively or who don’t have many cards. So beginners and casuals will not be matched up as often with very good players.

think before speak pls… is like a chield that want compete with shitty car on F1 it cant be, the ranked is for competite player no for random that want play with trash decks

I never said I was going into ranked with my deck.
I was going into “unranked” with my deck.

I recycle your first statement. Think before you speak pls…
r u a troll?

I’m closing this topic as it has moved off the initial subject to name calling.