Why i as a player am losing interest in faeria


My problem is…i like this game. The strategy and tactic against various decks makes every game a new contest. But some standard green cards get a downgrade, only for the new ones. Balance is okay, but change a masterpiece of a card is not okay.


I would say slower the pace, less big impact cards, progressions that are within the confined strategy, higher cost removal, more temporary turn-related buffs or board related buffs, slightly weakened or slowed mobility. By slowing the game down you can make more relations to the board positioning values thus increasing tactical/strategical gameplay.

This would completely change the game. The old well system with day and night I enjoyed a lot more.

The strongest parts currently are the puzzles, pandora and rated.

Among players there is the feeling of unbalanced or “out of bounds” moves and play.

This is not for naught.

One bad move can make the game tilt unforgiving against you.

It is not the fact that you lose that makes it harsh but the way in which you lose. That there comes a certain tilting point in which there is not much to do.

Playing higher level this seems less of a problem because the decks are less extreme.

But the fact that you can make extreme combo decks, such as the community puzzles does feel more like a backdoor hack than balanced gameplay.

I don’t expect these things to become very popular among the common player.

Playing in Dragon’s Lair and Oversky you face the same extreme one sided-ness of the game. Oversky has a particular deck strategy in mind which you have to discover. And Dragon’s Lair is mostly Sharra Buff combo with sometimes extreme cases in which you have to work around.

These are the weak spots in my point of view.

And I wouldn’t know precisely how to solve them apart from vague ideas.

To find and hire someone who is specialized in such things without rejecting their core.

I don’t know. Wednesday will be interesting.


Like Card “Ghost Dragon” 2 Sand Cost 2 and 7/1 Shield… PFFFF. No realistic Cards. Powerful at no Cost. to kille em is too expensive. Maybe some combos could handle em. New Treasure Cards, draw em to death. nice. Copy and past cards for 1 point and so on… The Balance is a joke. Every generation of cards is better than the past. In cost in power and builded lands. Mechacards to do massive damage… and so on. To play this game, you need some nervs or money. The basiccards get downgrades over the time. and to build a deck of basiccards mean that you loose over time. Get the wrong cards 2 Times and you are death.


It’s just too easy and too fast to get creatures on board. Its like you can have everything and you can have it now. The board is on the small side. Even late game creatures feel more like a mid-game play. Story and character is on the low end.

But this is more their aim it seems. Make it some sort of board-game-arena DOTA play. A lot of creatures are special and every deck synergy needs to be understood and countered against before playing it. Knowledge above gameplay.

This is what it invokes to me at least. And more players have this issue.


Knowledge about gameplay ??? Pump up the volume…Mecha with prod +3 Strength per Round, pump up 1/1 every Mecha per Round. Incredible Creatures they bulid. Beyond any cost and range. And you need only 2 Rocks to do…The mechanic to build a deck with basics is dead. The range between basics and dlc isnt balanced.


Knowledge above gameplay. Your specific issues with the game encounters probably have some answers so you can build a deck around it.

Not speaking about the quality of life while doing it.


But other than that, yes I feel your pain.


New update new challengs, okay that fun. But they ruin the basic card.


So ,hi folks, the game is with updates lousy as ever. played a while and the new dlc is the same as the old.
Gifts for nothin, cards en mass. unbalanced new cards for less costs than the old.
So have fun with it, i delete the game. Two chances two times the same cardshit.