Why I Think the Firestorm Rework Was a Huge Mistake

Most people who play faeria are gonna play on ladder and they do so to have fun (obviously). In my opinion two of the must unfun, uninteractive decks on ladder are GY sac and any variant of blue green that relies on cheesing out wins with frog tosser. Of these two I believe GY sac is absolutely the worse offender, so let’s start with the BG deck.

There are two issues I have with this one. The first is frogtosser is fundamentally broken because it takes two colors both of which are terrible at spot removal and somehow when put together you get spot removal which magically shores up the weaknesses of both of these colors. The second is frog tosser often simply cannot be played around. You just have to hope he doesn’t have it. In fact almost every match against BG I’ve played on ladder in the past month has just been a question of “did he draw enough frogtossers to cheese me out?” The deck sucks to play against and I can’t imagine its much fun to play with because every match just feels like neither player actually made very many decisions and either the BG player drew enough frogtossers or he didn’t. The fact this guy came out as a 4/6 blows my mind. The devs were absolutely mental back then.

The bigger offender however is GY sac. GY sac doesn’t really do anything on board for a very long time. The way the deck works, for those not familiar with it, is it mostly just spams creatures around it’s orb and will rarely even think about placing lands more than 2 tiles from it’s orbs and would rather just sit back and spam stuff around its orb all day. Then once it’s done this enough it overwhelms you with souleaters. Why’s this a problem? Well, the easiest way I have to describe it is that losing to GY sac feels like you lost to GY sac and not the player playing GY sac. This is the only deck in the game I can think of that would just prefer to do nothing but collect off it’s own wells for 8 straight turns rather than have any sort of interaction with it’s opponent. It feels a lot like an auto pilot deck and losing to it is just tilting and often feels like getting cheated.

So on to fire storm. Fire storm is (or rather used to be) very strong against both of these decks. Firestorm kinda blows now and these decks seem to be cropping up more and more on ladder as a result. In my opinion super spammy decks are just toxic to play against and minimize the amount of interactivity you have. I would absolutely rather play against other “toxic” decks like yellow rush any time. Those match ups are actually very high skill on the part of both players. Playing against green yellow sac feels like your playing poker but the other dude is playing solitaire instead. Yes I know GY sac has it’s counters and it can be dealt with fairly easily in tournaments. But most people aren’t playing in tournaments and losing to these kinds of decks not because you got outplayed but rather because your decks just not great against spam strategies is really crappy.


the 2 decks you talking about are not that strong…
frogtosser Is very good card but not op and its good to let green some removel.

I have this RY burn deck that not give achance to any YG sac.I win a lot v BG