Why I'm suing 4xel for copyright infringement

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P.S. Triton Banquet is underated

We’ll settle this in Beard Court.

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We should do it In the court of yaks actually

although faeria has a decent amount of Cards, in games like this, similar or even same decks is relatively common. Look at the tourney decks, just recently I saw a post in which 2 or 3 of the tourney decks were no more than 1 Card different at most (based around 3 wishes).

You Need to realize that even if- and this is generously giving you the benefit of the doubt- you recognize a good deck variant/strategy first, you will not be the only one to do so; and furthermore a deck idea doesn’T even fall under any sort of intellectual property.

You’re Frustration though understandable, is still an immature reaction- and let’s face it, you aren’t actually going to sue him, it’s an empty threat which just makes you appear even less credible.

Have fun and enjoy the game :smiley: And if you’re talented enough, win some rewards through tournaments! They’re a great opportunity for Players who take Faeria more seriously to prove themselves.
good luck

Fun, meet wrench. :joy:

FeTheC this was spossed to be a meme

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oh, gotcha