Why not draw a card on turn one?

Right now, it seems that whoever has the better starting hand wins the game in a majority of cases. Most decks are completely screwed if they are unable to get a harvester up early or contest the enemy harvester(s), leading to an immediate faeria disadvantage and inevitable loss.

If players drew a card on turn one, it would help add some consistency and reduce the chances that there is a turn 3 or 4 complete blowout.

So you’re proposing to increase starting hand size to 4 cards…

Meh. You get 2x 3 cards draw for starting hand and then you get additional draw on turn 2 while you’re pressing lands… plenty of chances to draw something nice. I had bad hands, sure, but that’s the nature of the beast. I don’t feel like this is really needed.

At this point I would say just poking such a mainline mechanic is worse than any advantage it could bring to the game.

Have you ever played a game where you didn’t draw a playable creature until turn 3 or later?

Sure, you can save up for something big, but so is your opponent. And they are harvesting from wells and you are not. In some matchups, that’s essentially game over.

Everyone has, but your proposal doesn’t really change the situation, it just makes it slightly less liikely to occur.

I think the better argument for adding first turn draw is simply an argument for simplicity. At the moment, every turn you take begins with drawing a card, with the exception of the first turn you take. This exception bothers me because it is apparently need less. Why should players start every turn EXCEPT the first turn by drawing a card?

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I think you have to account for initial card draw when you build your deck.

for example, you definitely need to keep ~2/3rd of your deck creatures. If you get greedy, then you can count on paying for it with higher chances of bad draws.

…ever notice the seemingly high rate of re-drawing the same cards in mulligan, though? …or maybe re-drawing the same cards in mulligan stands out more in my memory, when it happens…

I have noticed this as well. Once I had two Scourgeflames in my starting hand and mulligan’ed them…only to get back two Scourgeflames. I think the game adds the first/second mulligan’ed card back to your deck before retrieving a new card for the second/third mulligans.

Had ALL of my flame Blasts and two of my Seifer’s Wraths on hand. And then drew a Grovecaller.

Doesn’t change my stance.

Your thought is correct. The cards you mulligan away get reshuffled into your deck before you draw from your deck again.

It’s just confirmation bias. The mulligan has been tested. I haven’t reviewed the work myself but I trust the results. The mulligan is working as intended, which is to say that a card you mulligan away is no more or less likely to be drawn than any other random card in your deck.

Woah, slow down! I need the first turn to read my 3 starting cards, then sometimes there’s an extra one and I have to do a marathon and read it and the next one on the second turn, when I’m already more than ready for a nap. You want one more card, but where do you draw the line? If you move the finish line, the stragglers may never even make it to turn 2.

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How is that a suggestion? You can already draw a card on turn 1 using the wheel.