Why Rush has become a Faeria meta ?! and how to fix it

Before i start this ( This is just my humble opinion about Faeria over-all )
Why Rush has become a meta?

  • This is a question you might have asked yourself or any of the top faeria players before, Specially earlier the past 2 months since Rush meta has become way more popular than before.

  • The answer to this question is Very complicated.
    First you need to know that this game contains more than 200 cards, And when you only see less than 20% of these cards being played in the high Level tournaments and ladder you will understand why this is unacceptable for such a game !
    The true answer is that the Developers don’t offer enough, i don’t mean game content, i am pretty happy with the game content, and i don’t think new cards will actually improve the game at all, Forgive me, but take a look at the current meta, how f**ked is it ?!
    new cards will even make it worse, if you have an old Cracked cup leaking on ur desk, what do u think will happen if you add new water to it? it will keep on leaking it WILL NOT FIX IT.

With that said lets go back and talk about the current shape of the game, The developers made some huge Nerfs the past 4 months, Since they dropped an unbalanced expansion they had to take some actions, which i would say was a mistake from the beginning, they had to properly test the cards before release, they killed a lot of cards, they made it unplayable, and left us with quite few options.
So here we can talk about the Meaning of the word " NERF " it means ( Balance )
it doesn’t really mean that you have make the cards unplayable, because if that’s the meaning of it, why not delete the card entirely !
Also whenever a card gets balanced you need to consider opening more options for the players.
lets say Red is so op and u’re planning on slightly Nerfing it, consider opening more fields like Blue !

So when they Nerfed almost all the meta decks we used to play, people are left with no options but to get creative and design new meta decks, while other players took the shortcut of using Rush varieties Because its easy, fast and effective.
Rush was already common in almost every meta existed, but when there’s a meta people will lean on playing the decks that will improve their performance over all, So people started using rush as a mean for pushing and getting to the highest ranks with no problems along the way, and other players started getting frustrated from losing to it.
You cant really design and test new decks when u’re just losing every game u’re playing, so everyone played rush because its just the meta right now.

Alot of players asked before about making some nerfs for Rush decks like YellowRush, and the answer was pretty weird. " Longer games make people quit " and " New players get frustrated losing to experienced players "

i don’t really think that the Game length is a problem for any of the players if they are having fun !

The other answer about the new players facing experienced players is just funny, how would a new player get matched with a decent player ?
the question is pretty simple, its either the matchmaking system is f**ked or the new player is using yrush for climbing fast gaining no game experience at all, so when he play against a strong player what do you expect to happen ?!

Simply new players need to play HARD DECKS to gain game experience to be able to win vs strong players, which is the logical thing, you don’t give him an easy access for high ranks and then not expect him to whine about getting beaten a lot !
Also don’t favor New players over older players, if you please new players the old ones will just leave, which is happening right now, you gave them an access to beat very strong players with the minimum effort, which is yRush spamming.
You need to understand why alot of players are quitting the game !
You need to figure out how to please everyone not only 1 side of the community.
You need to pay more attention about the game meta and player’s complaints and asking yourself why they are complaining !

  • Open new Fields, we have over 100 unusable card in this game, make it work somehow, give us more options to work with, Allow people to design new decks that can actually work, Because right now the game is just about 5 meta decks, most of it aren’t playable vs a specific list which is " YRUSH "
    Make the game itself balanced, because now anyone can play the game for 1 month and be in the top 10 which f**king broken.

  • This message is meant for the Game Developers.


interesting point of vue bro.
But why asking to “fix” rush meta ? Saying like this it feel like a “game design” problem, where it’s just a community problem (global skill ? interest ? Fashion influence ?..)

What is this desire to always want to change the game as it is ?
but, i guess it’s good to have some great and consistent feed-backs like you done here.

Good analysis in here. I like it.

A big problem that I see regarding those rush decks is that there is actually a lot of support to it by game design. In fact, the whole yellow rush deck systems are based around cards which trigger in some form if the enemies orb is hit.

In my humble opinion, rushing should be prohibited as much as possible in terms of game design since it is not desirable at all. What is the point of playing a match which is basically over after 4 turns? This should not happen. Especially if the player who is getting rushed does not have a chance of withstanding it at all (playing the objectively best line possible) which actually happens a lot if the starting hand is bad. The rush player has the clear advantage here since his deck is build so that there is virtually always some decent card that he can play which is not true for the other player.

My suggestion is to kick every direct rush support which is integrated in cards (all those yellow rush cards).

Another suggestion to fix the “no chance because of starting hand problem” is to increase the starting hand by a significant margin. 6 cards in the starting hand seems to be a lot better for me in every respect. This might imply increasing the deck size to say 35 cards or whatever number to prevent the game from ending earlier. This would also lead to some more interesting decks.

You are saying, that answer is very complicated. But I believe, that it is very simple:

On the ladder is not many Mid-Range decks. Because existence of Azure Skywhale wiped them out, over time. But players found out, that rush can counter it with great success. I am doing that too. And I would like to play something else then red rush (in ranked), but what’s the point if it gets swallowed? So I am saying: Until developers remove swallow mechanic keep the rush as it is. When they finally do, game will balance itself out.

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If this is your problem with Faeria, I don’t think rush is your real issue. Turn4 theory was developed to describe midrange decks, not rush decks. In actual fact, Faeria is fundementally snowballey due to its core game mechanics with faeria wells. All most all games of Faeria are effectively over by turn 4. By turn 4, one player will have an advantage and will be able to snowball that advantage to a victory. It’s just the way the game works.