Why spellwhirl is played?

why this?? 2 random cards instead of 1 of your choise don’t seem a good idea to me
where i’m wrong?

It’s an event, so if you’re running event-buffed creatures like Aurora’s Disciples or Snowstorm Lancers it’s nice, since it’s 0 faeria.

Other than that, well you can normally make use of at least 1 of the cards fairly well - and you’ll usually have the required lands unless you get a Dream Reaver or Aurora’s Dream. Basically, it gives you options - which means it’s probably more valuable when you don’t know what you’ll be facing (eg, for random matchmaking).

Lastly, if your deck is cheap you might run out of stuff to spend faeria on. Average blue card is 4.57 faeria so that’s around 9 faeria worth of cards to spend on (although that’s a very crude metric that ignores lots - like spellwhirling a spellwhirl).

because you cant play 9 frogifys otherwise

I’m also waiting for an answer to this question from the one of top players Minocaro, since he often plays non-standard cards.

not only minocaro but every player in top positions of the last monthly cup played blue jump with 2 spellwhirl

for exemple arianelle and kingdanz

all right, so I know my first post was a joke, but I thought about it and I think I have an answer. The reason people play spellwhirl is because they have the space to, and its not a risky card to play.

Blue really only has 3 cards that are removal, Mirror Phantasm, which is very niche, Aurora, which they can only have 1, and frogify. Other answers aren’t good enough to see play next to those.

For threats, its a bit more diverse, but they are also all slightly niche. Mirror Phantasm pops up here again, its niche because of its cost, wavecrash colossus is the most used but is weak in the slower blue decks, Baeru is less played because of its cost, Illusion of grandeur requires that you build your whole deck around it, and Dream Reaver costs 7 lakes.

Then, after you fill your deck with your threats and removal, you just have utility and more minor cards like ninja toad, battle toad, mystic beast etc. there aren’t many options, and when you decide what strat you are trying to do most of your options are picked for you.

Finally you have to think about mobility, Blue jumps has that baked in, and there’s only so many times you can move a land around before it stops helping your cause.

At the end of it all your left with some slots still not filled, all the best stuff is already in there, so you could either try to fit some more mobility in, or some extra utility, or you could make a gamble with spellwhirl, a card that takes space not used, that requires lands you have already made, and always gives some minor resource advantage. at the very least, at the highest levels, it forces your opponent to play around what you might have and second guess their plays.

TLDR: they have the space to play spellwhirl, and it when it backfires it doesn’t cost any resources that they cant afford to waste. its low risk with a chance of high rewards.