Why Whale haven't changed ? Why they are waiting?

I’m returned player, who didn’t play for long time. And current state of the meta is terrible. And most important thing is developers know about Whale being a problem. I see messages and suggestions about the card and developers didn’t replay for this and didn’t change anything. If it leaves as is, it’s better to leave the game. I can’t even imagine how this card even exist it’s more than OP and most importantly can’t be countered and can be played in ANY colour. I can’t beleive that they are just didn’t find the best way to nerf it. There are a lot of good ideas and I’m pretty sure they can find it if they want.

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Objectivly, the game is close to death actually.

No patch, no expansion, no android support.

This sad cause the game is very good.

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I returned because I’d seen in reddit about some card changes and new cards then installed the game with hope. Actually they can adjust balance and make better marketing. I think a lot of people interested in balance changes.

that must be it. probably the developers wanted to make some good money with the oversky expansion, but it didnt hit the mark. so they buried this game. goodbye my love.

I guess Skywhale is not that a big problem as some people think. While it is a little op imo, i actually encounter very few ramp decks in high lvl play. I think it is just poor design, because it is unfun to lose your best creature and face a big creature at the same time. But maybe im just biased, because i play ramp alot.

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I don’t understand how the whale is OP when you have to play subpar cards like elementals to ramp into them.

elementals are pretty much 3/3 vanilla creatures with their stats split but their always 6 stat vanilla creatures that make a land, in combat pretty much any other creature that costs 4 and a special land is better imo, like ones with combat mechanics that kill you before you ever get to play a whale.

Last night mare ~ it’s the only actual removal in the game right now even swallow isn’t proper removal since you can get your creature back! YOU NEED REMOVAL IN A GAME LIKE THIS like holy ■■■■. Last nightmare is easier to cast than a whale and you don’t need to play subpar cards for the first half of the game to cast it.

Probability ~ have you played with 3 whales in your deck? what happens when you draw your hand and then redraw and still start with 1 or 2 whales? or any other hand that has no elementals? then u draw a whale which u cant play? meanwhile your the other player already has creatures hitting your god and you’re going to die next turn.

Without the whale there will be no point to play ramp and no point to play control the only decks that will exist are rush decks so how the fk is that fun? The whale is a typical control card, barely survive the start of the game to ramp into something that removes the last threat and acts as a finisher unless of course it itself gets removed then you lose 100%, again, Last Nightmare does this easier and cheaper… Sure, you don’t get a body with it, but the removal is unconditional and if you use it on a whale you DO get a body with it AND you get tempo.

Go try playing whales in a high rank constructed competetive game, half the time you will die before you even play and when you do play one its not “game over” a smart player wont even bring the whale in to attack you until they really know theyve won since you can just drop a taunter next to it remove it and now your way ahead… Get to a proper rank before you talk about the meta lol…