WHYYYYYY, why did you make me kill Aurora

So i was playing my missions, and this lovely old lady shows up. She was just offering me tea and creating some lakes, but for reason unknown mission made me hit her! I destroyed Aurora, while she wasnt defending and I felt so awfull…

Googling told me, that she has kind of a wicked strategy, but for me it was a vicious homicide.

Please, dont make me kill lovely old ladies, who doesn’t fight back…


sorry to spoil you, but you’ll also have to kill some kind and smiling fish later on.

Be strong, war is not always easy!

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Just wait until you are killing Ruby Fish, Yaks, Farm boys etc. Then you really will feel like a monster haha.

Oh, those ones are combatants: they still faeria and fight back. Feel no shame for killing those adorable soldiers :smiling_imp:

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You could have waited, murderer!

“Some fish just want to watch the world burn.”

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