Will expansion include further balancing?

as I am advancing through the ranks (bumping hard at 14)

I am starting to see a lot of obviously broken cards. …like that blue 3 faeria cost creature that +1/+1 for every event. …probably should have been attack only,

lots of things.

any news?

Totally have to agree with the Aurora’s Disciple. Way too strong. But instead of attack I think it should gain life. Or it should gain +1/+1 for the first event played each turn.

And I hope they won’t wait until the expansion to balance things out. Or at least I hope they will include new cards that will give new options to deal with threats. For example a red card that helps against big green creatures. Or new cards that help defend against yellow rush. Something like that

Btw do you already have a recruiter @DavidFindley? :smiley:

Hi David!
The developers will continue to balance the game when necessary, so no worries!
During Early Access there were A LOT of testing and changing and patching but that will slow down now that the game is released, but if something needs to be adjusted (in the developers eyes) they will handle it.

As for Auroras Disciple, I dont think that particular card will get changed, but what do I know :slight_smile: The card has been around for a long time and if people identify what they are playing against it is usually not too hard to shut down (unless you happen to run a deck with none or only a few answers)

I tried running a deck with yellow removal +lots of card draw --> windstorm colossus … This way, I thought, I can maximize my access to ‘answers’. But it just doesn’t work out.

x2 village elder
x3 wandering monk
x3 kings guard
x1 queens guard
x3 earth craft
x2 tiki piper
x2 ruunin’s messenger
x3 soul pact
x2 soul drain
x2 death walker
x2 choking sands
x2 last nightmare
x2 windstorm colossus

…so I mean, I feel I have a strong balance of defence, removal, and finishers with colossus , ruunin’s messenger, and maybe even death walker.

I can’t get past rank 14. I’m starting to blame balance :O(

For example, I think I have learned that buffs are better than removal, because a buff has a ‘haste’ effect, whereas removal is passive reactive. But ironically, buffs are WAY cheaper.


I think you should play mono red burn if you think that buffs are better than removal, it’ll show you how good removal cards are.