Will there be two headed giant game mode?

With the upcoming coop adventure where you can team up with Fugoro or your friends, I think it would be fun to have a 2v2 battle mode.

I kinda imagine it like this (from MTG):

  • Each team has a shared life total that starts at 30 life.
  • Each team takes their turn together, meaning they draw as a team, attack as a team and go through all phases of the turn as a team.
  • Teams do NOT share any resources other than life–meaning players can’t share cards in hand or faeria.

Also your partner would be able to see the cards in your hand :slight_smile:
And for effects like “destroy a friendly creature” you could also target creatures of your partner but creatures effects like “deal 3 damage to all enemy creatures” would not affect your partner’s creatures.

What do you think?


Sounds fun. Would we need a different board with 4 orbs? …

How does turn work then… How about an option where you can pass your turn and gives 2 turn to your partner?

Haven’t read the announcement so don’t know how the upcoming co-op will work.

I havent heard anything, but it would definitely be good. Hopefully one day a digital ccg will focus on multiplayer formats not just 1v1. One really like to find a game to play with friends instead of against them. Coop does sound fun though and i am looking forward to that.

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8 PPL FFA or riot.

But seriously, I’m sure the devs are considering that route. As to if they find it a good idea to follow it is way in another castle.

2v2 sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I’m not sure how easy it would be for people to do because of the small (but growing playerbase) but I think it would be a lot of fun!

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