Win rewards, proportion issues?

Before faeria 0.9 the shop as we see it now was a bit different, gold ration changed from 1->10 and so did shop prices. that means 1 gold before 0.9 now is worth 10 and a free pack now costs 1000. So when would have won a game you would have received 10, that is 100 in proportion after the shop rework. the problem is that now, you should gain 100 from a win, instead you still get 10, that means people needs 100 wins to get a free pack instead of 10 wins, how it was before.
What i was asking myself is : Is that volunteer or not? and if it is, isn’t 100 wins for a free pack too much?
it is true that now the level experience you gain is x3 so you get more rewards by leveling up faster, but in my opinion that’s a too little reward for people who wants to complete the collection free to play.
Write below what you think about that :slight_smile:

Have you read the patch notes for that change? As well as the ones for the recent changes?
I am no longer getting 10 win a pack either. I think it has averaged out closer to 30 per win.

More like averaged ~15 gold per win. And total 15 Daily reward 2560 gold now (without mythic chest which does not help you assemble a collection) :rapalagold:
With fair ELO matchmaking and 50% winrate it will be ~133 duels for booster.
I personally stop donate since I cant see how to assemble a collection even with Goki :raised_hands:

That makes sense. If you were playing the gsme you’d realize that what you are talking about doesn’t describe reality.

Its still very quick to assemble a competitive collection in faeria compared to HS. They adjusted where the gold is located and have increased win gold in response to perceived grind. I’m pretty sure its faster than ever.

Have you noticed how quickly you level up?

Have you done solocontent?
I’m genuinely just confused, the scenario you describe isn’t occuring. There is a substantion population of godranked f2p players.
A bunch of them have full collections.