Wind Wisp and Altar of Souls pressure

Wind wisp itself is overtuned carf in total. 1\2 Flying Charge 3(!) for only 1 land and 4 mana is a bit too much already, giving yellow deck(or any other cause 1 desert isnt that hard to place) a lot of position dominance. But its passive lets it come close to the enemy, spawn a few cheap haste-minions and oneshot the enemy. This card is exremely frustrating.
Another card is Altar of souls. It is IMPOSSIBLE to play control or any non-aggro deck against this card. 2 hp is very low price for 6-1 every turn,making you just struggling at your face loosing at least 1 creature/buff every turn. Even if you make a VERY fat minion like 7-16 or 8-12 they will be oneshotted for 6 mana with yellow destruction card. 2 hp cost is just too low.