Wins should give more experience to levelling

Why isn’t winning rewarded in this game? lol

OK I get that you dont want new players to feel like they’re not progressing when they lose, but you also excluded new players who try out the game, finally win a game… and then get a measly 10 gold.

If you want to reward players who win, give them a higher average experience reward with wins. And with levels comes gold rewards, so that indirectly slowly increases gold gains. but the fact that it doesnt matter if i win or lose games removes the competitive factor.

Read my previous post and let me know what you think.

no offense, but why would i read your post and give you feedback if you didnt do the same lol

but yeah, i would always take memoria over gold. ALWAYS. because memoria goes towards crafting cards you want. gold goes towards buying chests that may give you cards you want, but also gives duplicates and cards you don’t want.

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Sorry, I just thought my post was an answer to your question so I wanted to direct you there + the first paragraph agrees with everything you say.

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