Wonderful game mechanics ruined by atrocious card balance

This game has some of the best game mechanics I have ever seen. The fight for space and resources, the importance of positioning of both creatures and land, the same land that are used to place creatures and define threshold for cards, the breath of fresh air of not having to spend resource each turn to stay in the course (stacking faeria, which is double edged if you allow OTK and other game breaking combos) which makes it possible to recover from an initial bad hand. There’s depth, player skills could be much more prominent than in most card games, more room to outsmart your opponent.

And then, there’s legendaries and other disgustingly over powered cards, an awful lot of removals and charge 3-5 and whatever else that render tactical positioning almost entirely irrelevant.

I only enjoyed games vs other low level players (close to no collection) and almost exclusively in highlander, because even some common cards are unbalanced, like all the green enchant cards. No wonder you have to use removals to deal with 11/14 taunt monsters.

And seeing how you try to appeal to the Hearthstone community makes me sad and with little hope for any change of direction.

By the way, I’m really curious about the first expansion, if it ever happens. I mean, this game looks like it’s suffering from power creep badly, like old games that have seen many expansions…

About legendaries, I don’t like the idea of compensating the high value of a card by limiting it to 1 in each deck because it means rewarding luck. That being said, it’s really not that big of a problem in faeria because most useful legendaries are just better-valued versions of other cards, as opposed to unique and potentially game-breaking mechanics (most but not all, I’m looking at you Ruunin!). For example a player that draws Garudan instead of Firestorm will get better value from the card, but the opponent should have been prepared for a 3 damage AOE anyway.

If the problem for you is that strong epics and legendaries are a problem for F2P players, it’s good to note that some of the top players are F2P. The F2P way is slower, but you can still compete. Or you can pay the 50€ for the collection and solve the problem. Otherwise if you have a problem with non-beginners having an advantage, you should honestly avoid CCGs in general.

That’s just wrong.

Some removals in the game are dependant on tactical positioning (Bomberslinger, Vampire, Salamander, every Deathtouch creature…). Some other removals only do part of the job and often require a well positioned creature on the board to finish it (blue transformation cards, red damage spells). The only absolute removals are Last Nightmare and Choking Sand.

Charge creatures can only move in a straight line, and cannot jump above creatures. They don’t ignore the board at all.

You know, if everything is OP, that means the game is balanced… “Unbalanced” does not mean “Card you lost to”.

No one is saying the balance is perfect, and it’s still early access anyway. But it’s nowhere near as broken as you say.