World boss

The 1st 3 boss was fun, the second 3 boss are boring. the last was only frustrating. luck luck luck. generaly concede Turn 3 to pyrhos. No real IA so … make a wisdom with 5 card for 3 faeria.

No fun to make them.

I’m rarely negative with a game but this is the worst PVE content i ever seen.

good luck for suit.

after 5 hours … kill by fatigue deck with boosted shaara

There is a faster way to beat that one than Sharra. I won’t spoil the faster way, but I’m sure Aquablad will do it later this week anyway.

I don’t have the cards to beat the other two though, at least from what I have seen. Don’t be in a hurry and enjoy the challenge. The bosses don’t run - you can beat them next week, next month, next year even.

I’ll kinda agree that this wasn’t as good as I was hoping. Collections are everything in this mode it seems. I have most cards now, which probably helped a lot as I beat most of the 6 on 1st or 2nd try - you can really craft decks that perfectly counter the encounter mechanisms.

I was actually hoping that “world bosses” would mean something like huge removal-immune creatures walking around on the map that you had to kill - like a god/creature hybrid. I wonder if it’ll get more varied later on - or perhaps the co-op campaign might have some new stuff.

I have to add, the AI is still occasionally making trivial errors. It is very hard to make a decent AI for a game like this, but forgetting to cast simple gifts should be pretty easy to fix, and with new content like this it’s kinda annoying to win because of stuff like this.


I took a lot of fun with the first 3 boss too, 4 was nice but hard, 5 still funy, 6 ? So much RNG in this fight. Was the most boring fight i never did, i just had to do it again and again, waiting to have the best hand.

I like the world bosses :slight_smile:

Most players have asked for more difficult bosses, but at the moment its mostly just about creating a counterdeck.

How do we make the bosses truly difficult without having to just re-game to look for perfect draws (that would get really boring)?

[quote=“J0k3se, post:6, topic:7716”]How do we make the bosses truly difficult without having to just re-game to look for perfect draws[/quote]One way would be to draw the game out so it’s endurance - maybe you get 2 decks shuffled together and enemy has 100 health and you still have 20.

You could also limit the number of attempts per day - you’d need to ban local play though.
You could list the number of attempts before first success on the world map to discourage mass repeating, too.