Worthless rewards

It’s the rave review, сomrades.

Last time at the end of Pandora season I got a couple of ‘Fall of Everlife’ cards and was so happy.

I was overcome with love to Abrakam and thought how wonderful these people are.

This season, scored all the pandora points entered in 64.

I wanted to get at least couple of new cards (it’s just 4 max). Because even several cards it is possible to play with new tactics and potential.

No. That isn’t going to happen.
I’ve got 4 mythic cards, the same ones that fall in golden chests

In fact what’s the point of them? What do they mean?
I don’t open golden chests for the same reason.

And also I’ve got the wrong cardback.


There is some bug as well - it’s shows like a base cardback. But in gerenal it is the blue one, but still not crimson.

But it is not so important already.

I’m just disappointed.

Ok what else.
Why don’t you have rewards for playing on islands or with bosses, when they are not yet passed? Even no shards? There is no interest and motivation to play these games.

And what’s next?
There will be no way to get new cards, even old new cards?
Why are you so pathetic in awards or chests to give sometimes new cards?

You don’t respect your old and loyal players who play Faeria from the start…
Many of our comrades have already fallen. You killed them

Null for three, Abrakam.

You can spend at least some of the shards you have on buying mythic chests - you might get a lore page or even a cosmetic up to Legendary quality?

Have you purchased the expansion to get the new cards?

No I didn’t.
In many donat-dependant game you can get privileged content at list in insignificant quantities.
But not here, right?
And I tried to describe how happy and grateful could be “upurchasad” man, when he get just several new cards. And even the “lore pages” I like most then mythic cards.

Thanks for reply

I have purchased the expansion, and it’s great! I recommend it!

With the old crafting system, you could disenchant cards to craft new ones, and mythics gave a better return. Now they are identical to normal ones, apart from fancy border :slight_smile:

The Oversky expansion came before the transition to B2P, so now it’s included in the base game.
You are welcome

Ok, I see, now I’m upset even more.
It’s mean no life for old comrades after B2P.
All the good things for new friends.
feel my sadness

At least the old comrades got the base game for free :slight_smile: And those who spent the equivalent of $40 in any currency got upgraded to premium account. I, for one, am not complaining :slight_smile:

At least the game was for free. It’s just a bit wrong policy for players, who don’t ot can’t purchase the game. It’s not a vert cheap thrills. Crowd of people like this game, and now they can’t play. So this like a drug: first for free, and now u must pay. Hmm. Cool Abrakam! Yak dealer!

At least there are no duplicates…

Or do you prefer the Hearthstone model? “Claim to be free, then charge people astronomical amounts for randomized card packs. The more you open, the more duplicates you get. Want to have all the cards? 70 dollars per expansion, please!” No, thank you!

People buy games on Steam all the time… And multiplayer means infinite replayability.

They know about the cardback issue and are working to fix it. Sorry you are disappointed with the rewards, hope you at least had a good time while playing.

Yes, but everything is more easy.

It’s exactly in the case of feedback and suggestions.
It’s even not my idea, it was month before - bug or feature. But it was a very good story - to give sometimes a little bit of new cards. That’s it. Not all cards! Just several in the end of pandora season for example, how it was once. And it was wonderfull. I’ve played all month with expectaion (failed expectations).

And one guy said, you need definitely pay money, as I do, and I am very happy.
Another guy said everything that you say doesn’t metter hope you are alive. Good service guys.

I don’t want to stop you from living it. Just the feedback and suggestion.
If you don’t need it - just remove this section on boards.