Would love to see a monthly cup rules match ladder

Hello devs, what a great job you’ve done with this game. I’m new to ccgs digital and otherwise so I don’t have any comparison feedback there, but omg what a great job with the ranking system system, gameplay and effects. And value to boot. Yes purchasing more packs will give you more options but the reward vs buy ratio seems very fair to me. The only thing I’m wishing for is a match play ladder. I’ve gotten to the point where my collection has a little flexibility, and I’d sure play matches where I’d get the chance to play multiple decks daily if I had the chance. For me, it would be next level if I could play those kind of matches and have a separate ranking ladder for it would be ideal. The battle matches are great, just looking for next level depth from the game. Again fantastic job, you’ve got lots of my time and some of my money.

I’m not exactly sure what your suggestion is. Do you mean being able to play best two out of three against the same person using different decks each time? Or are you saying something else? Could you be a little more specific?

Sure sorry, I’d love a ladder for a match play format. Whether it’s the monthly cup match format or something similar. Something where you’re choosing or forming decks during a match. The single match battle is great, but for me at least, I’d love to be able to have these kind of matches against players of similar faeria levels instead of the sometimes random one off battles. I think it makes revenue sense too as it adds to the motivation of accumulating cards. Thanks for the response.