Would you kindly reconsider the unbelievably frustrating way "you may" Gifts are played?

This is unacceptable for a game in a finished state, and “two weeks before the release IS finished”. Literally EVERYTHING cancels the effect, and there is nothing to be done after. An accidental left click on a board? Cancel. An accidental right click? Cancel. An accidental touch to the touchpad? Cancel. This is especially bad due to the tiny size of the actual game board and its “zoomed out” pseudo-3D look. We point-and-click quest now? Seriously?

I think that you mean you accidently double click while playing a gift cards and the effect did not activate/activate on the wrong creature? Yes it can be annoying but now you know you got to take a bit more time when you play :stuck_out_tongue: just kidding. Yeah it would be nice to polish the Gifts mechanic a bit.

I mean there are Gift creatures like Demon Wrangler and Lord of Wastes with “you may something-something…” gift effects, so, you can choose either you want to use it or don’t. Currently to use the effect you have to play the creature, wait until the targeting line shows (WITHOUT PRESSING ANYTHING), accurately move the pointer onto the creature you want to use the effect on (WITHOUT PRESSING ANYTHING), and click on it (ONE LEFT CLICK EXACTLY). Any deviations from this routine will be treated by the game as “I don’t want to use the effect” decision, and you will lose the chance to use it permanently.

Yes, I get what you mean and yes the game understand you didn’t want to use the ability if you click to fast. I for sure did the mistake in my first game, I played a lot of League of Legends which requires a lot of clicking (fast). But in a strategy game such as a card game you should never do any action before you decided it was the right one to do, therefore no fast clicking should be involved, unless your timer ran out of time and you need to do a few action pretty quickly.

PS: But your idea of polishing those effect is a good idea nontheless.

they could probably change it to be right click cancel only, or even have two options pop up

We appreciate the feedback, and will defenitely take this into consideration! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!