Wtf? have I been robbed by abrakam?

I put in over $200 because I thought this game would get regularly balanced. I could have sworn I heard an official channel mentioning that it would be ideal to balance the game 1-2 months.

By now the game could use a complete overhaul. But I don’t think it’s going to come. instead I get emails asking for another $20-30 for additional content I don’t care for, and additional cards that won’t be used anyways.

I play this morning: vs blue jump, blue jump, yellow rush, blue jump, crack-thorn, yellow tempo.

no, it’s not enjoyable any more, because generally you can only expect to play vs blatant balance issues OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

So effectively I feel robbed, because the dynamic game I paid for isn’t quite so dynamic after all. Thing is, I think it’s been just completely broken for at least a month, but if you were a regular player, you could see balance issues two months ago.

I collected just about every card in the game.

but why. 2/3rds of the cards don’t see play.

and now you’re adding even more cards that won’t see play.

I have been fooled and cheated.