Xploring, beloved by all

Please vote for @xploring, beloved by all.
Known by everyone. Knows a great deal about Faeria, always helps in-game and in the Hub.

If xploring doesnt deserve your vote, no-one does!

Go to esports voting page and type in “xploring” and give your vote! Now! :slight_smile:

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@xploring Your going to compete!? You got my vote :heart: And good choice of legendary @Jeffbert Iona is part of my cheesy untouchable otk deck I’ve been meaning to get around and play.

The Hub assemble ! :fug_pixel:

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What!? :cold_sweat: Do you want to see me get killed? :fearful: I am still at rank 14 and haven’t even put together a proper deck… Thanks all, but I hope this is a joke. :sweat_smile: shivers

That makes me want you to win even more…
And I thought it was impossible ! :eggrapala:

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That’s the spirit.

Xploring is just humble. Look at the Pandora thread. He is definitely not a bad player, may be not a pro, but I think he would be worthy to participate :slight_smile:

And the votes are for the community favourite not for the best player :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. :relaxed: May be I will compete in more casual tournament in a couple of months when I get better and have enough cards to put together a proper deck. Anyone competing in the weekly Garudan, Heart of the Mountain Tournament? There is another one called Champion’s League with gold and cash prizes too.

Yea the monthly battlecup has to many people watching it. And it will only get bigger as more people start playing the game.