Y/B Flower rush

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This deck is kind of weak and I think that there could be many improvements on it, but I enjoy the way it plays right now. Starting off with the mulligan you want the [Card=251]Oradrim Monk[/Card] as the best teir of card because of the draw but [Card=253]Khalim’s Follower[/Card] can serve you well also your first turn with creatures on the board so [Card=307]choking sands[/Card] is good for clearing the board and [Card=502]crystal flower[/Card] can take care of larger creatures for cheaper and [Card=306]soul drain[/Card] can also work for some small creature removal. On your initiative swing turn you will want to have [Card=273]wind soldier[/Card] at the ready. I think that you could maybe look at involving more oversky cards in future renditions of this deck but they all seem to have relatively high land costs and yellow rush really wants to keep drawing cards to have answers to other cards. The kind of random addition to this list is [Card=120]shifting tides[/Card] I had to incluede another land based on using the [Card=502]crystal flower[/Card] instead of [Card=263]last nightmare[/Card] so it was included because i find it annoying when I go up rushing and get land blocked making those little hits with monks and followers just not able to land face. Late game you can get rescued by a well placed [Card=287]windstorm colossus[/Card].

Windstorm Colossus is an interesting card in Y ‘Rush’. Perhaps it could be a variation of this archetype in the future. However, in the current meta, this kind of slow Rush build could be punished by many archetypes (say, any Rush build). I still prefer the Haste Y Rush archetype without Ranged creatures for climbing to God Rank.