Yellow/Bue deck - can I improve it?

Hi, this is my first topic in here. I apologize in advance as English is not my primaty language. I play faeria for some time and after try many decks, I created one yellow/blue deck that is the one that I performed better so far. This is a Mid range/tempo that consists in mobility creatures and the win condition is control the board , starve the oponent from faeria and that finish the match with the mantas and the snowstrom lancers.
The decklist:

3x Outland Ranger
2x Water Elements
3x Battle toads
3x Snowstrom Lancer
1x Fugoro, Merchant of Wonders
3x Flash winds
3x Soul Drains
3x Oradim Fanatic
1x Oradim Sagittarius
1x Choking Sand
1x Khalym Sky Prodigy
3x Manta Rider
2x Last Nightmare

I think that maybe I could add one more chocking sand and replace one of the soul drains, because of the yakapultt is a very common card and also checks wood elemental and grim guard other common cards in ladder.

I also like the Oversky township Card but I don´t know what cards could I replace with it ( I don´t want replace the mantas, the snowstrom and the aurora for sure).

What do you guys think, I could change to make this deck better?