Yellow control guide

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Even if i have not been playing faeria for too long, here i try to make a guide, for one of my favourite and most played deck: Yellow control.

You can look at the list that i linked.

The deck strategy is simply control the board, whit your huge amount of removal, and clearing big stuff getting value trades whit the insane power of charger plus mobility stuff.And other than this, u got triple big guys windborn champions, helping your late game whit is mobility.``

Card choices

-** falcon dive**: this card can be easly switched whit soul pacts, hold the line, or whit other cheap events, But i like falcone dive, because of the altar of souls that is really popular right now.
-**Outland ranger**: ths card is one of your main faeria ghater ; it has insane synergy whit the deck, because of the campfire that he gives you.
-**oradrim fanatic**: this card is just a mobility tool,it can also collect easly whit is jump effect, a great card overall.
<-flash wind: this is another mobility tool, it has a good synergy whit chargers buffing them and at the same time helping them reaching enemy stuff./>
-khalim sky prodigy: not too much to say about this card, probably one of the strongest minion of the game, it has good mobility , good stats, and if he hits face, you even get a free follower, that can instant collect of even push damage.
-last nigthmare: best hard removal of the game.
-soul drain: main cheap removal, 2 Faeria deal 2 and heal 2 is good, and it also synergize whit the event package of the deck.
-wind soldier: best little removal of the game probably, it can collect and clear at the same time, ending most of the time being a 1 or 2 faeria deal 3 damage.
-choking sands: i’m not really a fan of this card, but it helps in some machups like burn or yellow mirror, also great dealing whit Some 3 attack big guys like khalim, LoT, or ruunin’s messanger, saving you from last nigthmaring them.
-windstorm charger: probably the best card of the game, whit is mobility and is incredible synergy whit events, it collect around the board giving you also pretty good value trade, and it cost only 3 faeria!, it gurantees a lot of board control.
-air elemental: this card is played jsut to help you reaching the 5 deserts you need to play windborn champion, and it is also pretty good because of the fly effect, the way you don’t need land to make him collect. Still pretty weak against soul drains and sifer’s wrath.
-windborn champion: this is my favourite card, it’s true that you need a lot of desert to play it and sometimes that really slows you down) , but then for 5 mana you get a 5/5 fly charge 5 that can move every minion on the board, and that can fly all over the map. It has a really big impact on the game.


whit this deck you hard mulligan for the following cards: Outland rangers, air elemental, windstorm charger, khalim. If u get any of those, than you can consider keeping the following cards:** flash wind, fanatic, last nightmare ,soul drain, wind soldier.**

Land placement

The land placement whit this deck is pretty standard, you build on one side, starting from in front of your orb using mostly deserts until you reach 5 of them (sometimes you can afford to double lands in order to get a charger of a wind soldier play). Just remember: most of the time the air elemental( if it is in your starting hand) has to go on the opposite side collecting using is fly ability.
Sometimes you can even go for double land turn one if you get your outland ranger, just to collect more faeria, But be carefull of taking this lane, because it will delay every yellow card by 1 turn.