Yellow rush still OP af, and green dead

All “pro” players agree on this.

So my question is, dear Abrakam team,
are you on it ?

This is taking way too long. I moved on to Elder Scrolls Legends. That game is much better balanced.

Tried that, it’s so much worse in depth than hearthstone. Literally just out trade or lose, no way to turn around.

Nah, Hearthstone is all about aggro and luck of the draw. Elder Scroll has the whole rune system that allow slower deck to tech into prophecies and easily come back into the game. Then, with decent healing, aggro is really not an issue anymore.

I already made it to legend in Elder Scroll, aggro are not the best decks at the moment. Some kind of purple / yellow token (that takes a while to grow) and a control red / green deck are the most common.

I only played the solo a bit, but that bored me to hell. Play 1 or two creatures a turn and just trade if your one can survive or go face. Spells are also kind bland.

It seems like there’s little happening in Elder Scrolls.

I miss the days when we had 1 balance patch each week … Well, maybe not, but that’s been more than a month of Yellow domination, may we finally see the end of it ?

The fact charge cards and flying cards can build when landing on opponents lands gives yellow such a huge advantage that mixed with range makes it almost unplayable. Green needs serious upgrades too, i agree.