Yellow rush; stormspawn --> doomsday NO

So I have my awesome hand, rank 13 vs 10,

blue into yellow haste rush. I handle it perfect.

But there is nothing that can be down when he lays down a stormspawn and then plays doomsday next turn. Then he begins the next turn with 10 mana.

That is totally unacceptable.

There are other ‘cataclysm god’ combos that need to be addressed.

Like using feed the forest on that legendary tree thing that ‘fills the world with forest’… what was it… [living willow, feed forest, legendary tree, feed forest, (fill world with trees KO,) summon grandfather oak with 26 life next to your orb, match oaks attack with life 26/26, knock you dead in one hit. ALL IN ONE TURN.]

seriously these ‘combos’ aren’t fun and they break the game.

again, NO.

Wow. did not know it. If stormspawn keeps mana after doomsday it looks broken.

lol, yeah, right?

Could almost kind of pass it off as a bug O_O;;