Yellow Shaytan Monstrosity Needs Buff Badly!

Shaytan Monstrosity (SM) is one of the coolest ideas for a card Faeria has ever seen, but I’ve never seen it in Ranked play, and any time I have tried to use SM in Casual, or seen it used against me in Casuals, or discussed on the forums, it seems to fail more often than not.

The design behind SM seems to be to create a “squeeze play” where if they destroy one of your big creatures, you get a second threat in the form of a powerful SM. Alternatively, you can sac your own creatures to create a powerful SM, leading to an all-in situation with a threatening 12/4 on the board that could be given extra life in the right deck.

However, each of these plays is relatively easy to counter, which is why I believe this cool card is currently unviable. The squeeze play is easy to navigate because any rush decks or movement tricks are usually enough to kill the SM before it gains attack power (turn 5 as almost a general minimum), the sac strategy requires far too much commitment to be safe (6 faeria plus considerably more for whatever you’re sacrificing), and - perhaps most importantly - either strategy is massively vulnerable to removal of the SM once it’s gotten large. Frogify and Last Nightmare will always trade favorably with SM - and with only 4 life, it can be removed even more easily with Firebomb, Flame Burst + Derelict Tower, Wind Soldier + Soul Drain, etc.

I know that this is the kind of card whose balance can violently swing one way or the other, but right now I think it’s so undertuned that I’d suggest some combination of 2 of these buffs to make SM a viable card in Ranked:

  • Reduce cost to 5 faeria (from 6)
  • Reduce Desert requirement to 2 (from 4)
  • Increase stats to 1/5 (from 0/4)
  • Give SM Deathtouch
  • Increase cost to 7 faeria (from 6); grants owner 3 faeria when (directly) affected by opponent’s Events
  • Reduce Life to 3 (from 4); cannot be affected by any Events

I too would love to see the card become a bit more accessible, but even as it is, I have found mild success in a number of decks - even climbing from 5 to 3 against godrank players with a form of Yellow Control in which it is featured.

Here are my iterations:

Hopefully these stir the imagination! I am currently attempting to get it to work more readily with Ursus, Red, and GY sac. Don’t give up!

So unfortunate that they nerfed Shaytan vampire while I was away from the game. I missed out on 240 memoria. As it is, Shaytan monstrosity is a totally worthless card when compared to better yellow creatures. Why go through all that trouble to give attack to a 4 health minion? If this card was 4 faeria it would still be terrible. A light breeze can blow on this creature and it’ll die, so it’s really not worth any investment.

Consider that you can sac a 1/1 to get a 6/4 deathwalker, and still potentially get some good last word effect on top of that. That’s far more effective and reliable.

Thankfully they buffed windstorm colossus, so there’s a good creature now if you want to round out a yellow control deck with some power. As it is, I don’t see Shaytan monstrosity as worthwhile unless they seriously reduce its cost to make it comparable to deathwalker, or just rework it yet again. In that case, your suggestion to make it immune to events might work. But to be honest, I’d still be inclined to run deathwalker instead.