You should offer cheaper Steam Entry Packs

Right now you offer only one Steam Pack for the price of 31,99€

I dong want to argue about the Value/Price of the Pack itself but for Steam itself or more
to say how much other full price titles costs its a way to high “entry” Price which might drive people away.

Keep that pack for its price but offer Cheaper alternate Versions (with less content than the 31€ pack)
for 5-10€uro /10-20€
so that the initial step to give you money for the game isn’t so high and its looks “consumer friendlier”
for people who step the first time into your steam store page.

i know you have a ingame shop where you can buy separate items for smaller amounts but the first impressions is important and for pc user it starts at your steam store page.

Steam gets their cut no matter if you sell packs direct on it or via your ingame shop from what i know so that shouldn’t be a factor, feel free to correct me when i am wrong with that.


On the day Faeria officially released, the Steam pack was 30% off for a week. Steam nearly always does similar release day sales, but it’s impossible to tell when the next one will be for any particular title…

Have you considered copying this post of yours to the Steam Discussions as well?

sure, steam has sales and the pack will be cheaper in future sales but as i mentioned i dont argue about the price of that certain pack.
i would just like to see them add more to the store page with a cheaper price to make the entry level of purchase smaller.

its the official forum so i dont think there is any benefit of posting it on the steam forum too.
i guess they check out suggestions and stuff here either than on the steam forum.

Agreed. That 30E entrance looks pretty bad - and if retail tought me one things, the sign explaining things is never big enough.

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Is there no longer a $10 welcome bundle in the in-game store? I remember there being one last month.

appo is talking about the steam package. You can’t gift the $10 starter pack and you can’t see it before you have installed and played the game. So that 30+ price tag on steam is rather discouraging for prospective new players. It’s like saying that’s the minimum you need to spend.

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Never knew it even exists, huh

I agree that 30$ would be too high of a price for an average player, so more sales could have been made if there were smaller packs.

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exactly my thoughts :ok_hand:

Yea it was added to the shop but it wasn’t really announced. It’s great that they have it but not many people know about it.