Zealous Crusader Bug

There appears to be a bug with Zealous Crusader, which alters the attack, but not the health bonus, gained from attacking the orb. I ended up with 1 crusader at 2/8, and another at 4/8. I don’t have a screenshot unfortunately, and will make sure to grab one next time, but the circumstances included:

Amai Merchant used by opponent
Blightborn Spectre on board for opponent.

Cheers ~Zfox

There are still times when the local display of information doesn’t match the server’s (I’m guessing there’s still some server to client protocol bugs regarding health & life). So far, every time I have the ability to test this, the server’s version appears correct, i.e. matches what I had expected given the rules of the game.

Did you try attacking anything with the “2/4” or the “4/8” and see how much damage was actually done?

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