Al_Terramor's puzzle: Break the line!

Can you break though Al Terramor’s line of defense?

Instructions: Defeat the opponent before they can react.
Note: some of the creatures on the board have modified stats and abilities.
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Cards on the board used (left to right, top to bottom):
Crystal Dragon
Wild Avenger
Lord of Terror (Faeria hub lists the old version of the card. Check your Faeria Client for accurate description.)
Boulder Thrower
Cards on player’s hand used (from left to right):
Ninja Toad
Shifting Tide
Ruunin’s Guidance
Hammer of Destruction
Chalice from the Pallace

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I’m sorry, I had made a mistake and it took me several tries to fix it. It should be fixed now.


move up land of boulder thrower buff rg boulderthrower buff lord of terror rg,hit yourself with hammer(pretending you mean old LoT),buffing lord of terror.then hit into the lord of terror,killing wild avangers and boulderthrower then summon Ninja toad activate chalice from palice and SMOrc

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