Balance changes and bug fixes in version 0.9

This post will only focus on balance changes and bug fixes for both Constructed and Pandora. Please see the The Journey Continues for the complete list of changes in version 0.9. For more in-depth developer commentary on both constructed and Pandora balance changes, please visit this post.

General balance changes

We’ve been observing games, gathering feedback, and watching competitive tournaments. Whenever we make balance changes, we like to ensure they are truly necessary or will push the game in a positive or healthy direction.

One important change we are making is not a change to a card, but a change to the fundamental mechanics of the game:

  • Ranged creatures now strike back when they are attacked by a ranged attack

In addition to this, the following cards will be adjusted along with this update:

Hate Seed
Now 4/4 (Was 4/5)

Now 4/1 (was 4/2)

Krog, the Ogre King
Now discounts by 7f instead of 6f.

10f (was 9f)
Gain 13f. (was 12f)

Three Wishes
3f (was 2f)

Windstorm Archer
1/2 (was 1/3)

Shaytan Vampire
6/6 (was 5/6)

Now has Charge 13.

As usual, cards that have been reduced in power level will be available at full disenchanting cost for one week.

Pandora balance changes

As mentioned in our Improving Pandora post, Pandora is going through some major changes.

Not only are we changing the ranking system, run length, and run rewards, but we’ll be adjusting some of the existing treasures and basic mechanics of Pandora opening as well.

We’ve based the Pandora balance changes not only on player feedback, but our own data collecting and observations.

  • Pandora Opening mechanic changes

    • When Pandora opens during a player’s turn, they now receive an additional 3f to bring their total to 6f gained for the entire turn.
    • When a player draws a “Treasure Found” card, they now also draw an additional card from their deck.

These changes are to mitigate the negative feelings associated with Pandora opening on a player’s turn or feeling disadvantaged after drawing the treasure cards. We want Pandora opening to be exciting for both players, and for finding a treasure to never feel like you’re missing out on something.

  • Treasure balancing

One example of the things we noticed was that not only was Hammer of Aoros the most common treasure card to be picked in Pandora, but it was also the treasure we received the most complaints about from our players. It was, for instance, 18 times more likely to be picked than a Void Guardian. We want Pandora players to be picking a wider variety of treasures in general and to be choosing them more by which ones mesh with the most synergies in their deck - not necessarily just picking what is perceived to be the best treasure overall. Therefore, we’re implementing the following balance adjustments to Pandora treasures:

Hammer of Destruction (was Hammer of Aoros)
Deal 5 damage. Shuffle the Hammer into your deck.
(Was Deal 3 damage. At the end of your turn, the Hammer returns to your hand.)

Dancing Blade
0/6 (Was 4/9)
Flying, Jump
At the end of your turn, deal 3 damage to all adjacent enemies.
(Was: Production - Deal 4 damage to all adjacent enemies)

Astral Weapon
14f (was 16f)
7/7 (was 8/8)
Gift - Destroy all adjacent creatures, structures, and lands.

Void Guardian
9/9 (was 8/8)
Gift - Destroy your deck.

Bloodstone Golem
5/6 (was 4/5)
Production - Create 1 faeria in each well. Whenever faeria is harvested, deal 1 damage to your opponent.

Yakhorn Warhorn
6f (was 7f)
Summon three 2/4 Angry Prairie Yaks with haste.

Equinox Automaton
6f (was 8f)
Gift - You gain 6 Life.
Last Words - Deal 6 damage to your opponent. (was Last Words - Deal 6 damage to each god.)

Dark Crystal
8f (was 7f)
Drain 4 life from your opponent, deal 3 damage to all enemy creatures, and draw 2 cards.

Bug Fixes

  • The following cards are now able to correctly target enemy creatures in accordance with their wording:
    • Gaea’s Grace
    • Tiki Chieftain
    • Tiki Caretaker
    • Shamanic Dance
    • Tethra, Soul of the Wild
    • Elderwood Embrace
  • Crumbling Golem’s wording has been changed to:
    • Whenever your opponent summons a creature, deal 1 damage to this Golem.
      (was: “plays” a creature)
      This does not change Crumbling Golem’s functionality but fixes a consistency with how it interacts with cards like Yak Attack and Battle Toads. It takes damage for each creature summoned.
  • Fixed a bug in tournament lobbies where sometimes decks would not appear
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes displayed the queue time incorrectly when queuing for both Ranked and Pandora at the same time
  • Solo content lanes are no longer clickable during animations

Thank you, and let us know what you think! If you find any other bugs, then please send them to us via this form.

  • The Faeria Team

it doesn’t work as usual. please fix it.

This was recognised and is now fixed

Still doesn’t work. Epics now give the proper 80 disenchant value, but Krog also only gives 80. He’s supposed to give a lot more

Krog and Shaytan Vampire were buffed, rather than nerfed, so wouldn’t have a disenchant cost increase.

Gareth: thanks for the post, and the changes in version 0.9 look great.

In The Journey Continues, it is mentioned that there is new card art for 6 cards. Will the Faeria Cards github repo soon be updated with the new card art?

Hi BeSafeBeKind,

I’ll request they be added asap, thanks for poking me :slight_smile:

I realy wanna say thanks for Faeria developers. They created a game what makes me think like not all card games are based on just random chanсe and another stupid bullshit like in Hearthstone. I hope that Faeria became more popular in future and I dont need this Heroes of “Warcraft” I need just
balance card game with many variations of playing in it. Cant wait for next update. :nerd::+1:


Good changes!

When the Hammer is shuffled into your deck, is it possible to draw it from a “Treasure Found” draw (of your opponent) or is it considered a regular draw only?

The Equinox Automaton in my todays draft said “Last Words - Deal 6 damage to your opponent.”

Crumbling golem does NOT takes damages from Battle Toads. Got surprised by that and even checked that both card said “summon”.

Fixed an error in these patch notes:

Dancing Blade is indeed still 5f, not 6f.

5f is the intended value.