V 0.9 Developer Commentary


We’ve introduced some card balance adjustments with version 0.9 and, from our own testing as well as community feedback, we are confident that these are positive changes to make. However, the balance is still not quite as good as we would have liked to achieve, for instance we think green in general is in a difficult position. We have plans to improve that but the changes aren’t fully developed yet - we hope to change that situation in the near future.

10f (was 9f)
Gain 13f. (was 12f)

Windfall was providing too much, too early. The threshold required to gain a net of 3 faeria will now be 1 faeria higher. We want to decrease the overall impact of early Windfalls. This card alone was creating too much of an insurmountable advantage in too many matches.

Hate Seed
Now 4/4 (Was 4/5)
Now 4/1 (was 4/2)

Red decks have been performing too consistently well across the board. We don’t think those decks create bad gameplay or uninteresting games, but we felt compelled to take action in order to continue to promote a healthy variety of decks in game.

Both Bomb Slinger and Hate Seed lose 1 life in this update. We want to put more pressure on those creatures, and make them weak against a wider variety of cards. Make no mistake, they’re still key cards that are intended to provide great value. By design, certain cards are meant to carry certain strategies and colors to their fullest potential.

Shaytan Vampire
Now 6/6 (was 5/6)

The once-feared Vampire is rarely seen nowadays. We’ve probably hit him too hard. For the record, his new ability was difficult for us to predict so we went for a conservative change. One more Attack point will help him deal against certain staples like Groundshakers… or even Garudan.

Krog, the Ogre King
Now discounts by 7f instead of 6f.

Krog needs family. The Bold Bargainer and Ogre Dance are made to synergize with the 7 Cost archetype, and so should Krog.

Windstorm Archer
1/2 (was 1/3)

The Windstorm Archer has had a consistent presence in recent tournaments, and provides some very interesting gameplay. What we don’t like about it is how smothering it can be with no easy way to remove it from the board. We would like to see how games play out when it’s a little bit easier to answer.

Three Wishes
3f (was 2f)

Three Wishes is a fabulous card, but it also makes for exceptionally long games. We like the possibility to have to play longer games… sometimes. After deep consideration, we’re convinced that the game and tournaments will see better experiences with this card being stepped further away from the top tier decks.

Now has Charge 13.

There’s no escaping the almighty Ostregoth. Even our board is too small for him, now. Muahahahaha!


After statistical analysis and many discussions, we’ve made some changes to improve the balancing of the Treasure cards.

Dancing Blade
0/6 (was 4/9)
Flying, Jump
At the end of your turn, deal 3 damage to all adjacent enemies.
(Was: Production - Deal 4 damage to all adjacent enemies)

Dancing Blade wasn’t too strong or weak, it was more a gameplay issue. It feels better when you get instantaneous results for your actions when playing games. We also noted that the Blade’s positional damage triggering at production made enemy creatures almost always move away. All in all it’s quite obvious that making the damage happen at the end of the turn will fix the card’s gameplay.

Astral Weapon
14f (was 16f)
7/7 (was 8/8)
Gift - Destroy all adjacent creatures, structures, and lands.

Astral Weapon is one of the least picked Treasures. Its effect is devastating but its cost was prohibitive. Not any more.

Void Guardian
9/9 (was 8/8)
Gift - Destroy your deck.

Void Guardian is also one of the Treasures which saw too little love. We don’t want it to show too often, but sometimes would be nice. It’s also cool that he is now bigger than most Colossi.

Bloodstone Golem
5/6 (was 4/5)
Production - Create 1 faeria in each well. Whenever faeria is harvested, deal 1 damage to your opponent.

While its effect isn’t super strong, this fun Treasure really transforms Pandora and gives games a different feeling. Its stats will now compare better to other Treasures.

Yakhorn Warhorn
6f (was 7f)
Summon three 2/4 Angry Prairie Yaks with haste.

After some maths and debating, we realized that at 7 faeria this card didn’t match the old Yak Attack power level (Note: Yak Attack had been the most problematic card for one week or two, back in March, when it was summoning 2/4 Yaks instead of 2/2 Yaks). The difference of power level between this Treasure and the old Yak Attack is that you can’t rush with it, because you have to wait for Pandora to open. And also, all wells are depleted when this card hits the board, and Yaks were often used to take control of the wells. Statistics also confirm that we have a good margin to increase its power level.

Hammer of Destruction (was Hammer of Aoros)
Deal 5 damage. Shuffle the Hammer into your deck (Was Deal 3 damage. At the end of your turn, the Hammer returns to your hand)

Probably the most demanded nerf in Pandora, it’s true that it felt really oppressing to have to play against a Hammer, and for good reason. It’ll hit harder in now, but you’ll now have to wait a little bit before seeing it again. We are also renaming it - there might be more Hammers in the game at some point :wink:

Equinox Automaton
6f (was 8f)
Gift - You gain 6 Life.
Last Words - Deal 6 damage to your opponent. (was Last Words - Deal 6 damage to each god.)

The Automaton gets a stat buff as well as an improved Last Words. The card will now read more cleanly, and we expect it to be part of the top picks. Because we really, really love its gameplay.

Thanks for reading!

Just an idea for a future hammer:
Hammer of Love - 3f - Deal 3 damage. At the end of your turn, the Hammer returns to your hand :heart_eyes:
On a more serious note, this could actually work if the hammer healed 3 hitpoints (targets orbs or creatures or structures).

Concerning Equinox: Nerf it already please? It was good before, now it’s the new Hammer/Crystal. “Deal 12 dmg” and summon a 6/6 for 6. Also the name Equinox doesn’t make any sense now any more :thinking:

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

How can a hammer heal? Are you living in an alternate fantasy universe or something :wink: How about Kiss of Love, Love Hammer, or Love Boomerang? -_-;;

On a less serious note, I think you’ve come up with a better name for the card - “Concerning Equinox Automaton”. I am a bit confused as to how it deals 12 damage? At best it heals 6 damage to yourself, does 6 damage to opponent, and puts a 6/6 creature on the board. But I agree, that is kinda scary for 6f.

(edit - I was reading the v0.9 changes on this page which seems to be missing the change to the damage done when the creature dies.)

Thanks, I’ve added that now.

Fixed an error in these patch notes:

Dancing Blade is indeed still 5f, not 6f.

5f is the intended value.