[Bug] Only rolling 30 gold for winning games

Ever since the Mar 29 update, I’ve only been rolling 30 gold for winning. Its been 15+ wins now (I calculated) and I have yet to get more than 30 gold per win. Is anyone else noticing this?

Well they promised “at least 30 gold per win” but this is getting ridiculous. I never saw anything other than 30 gold reward since this update too. And I played more than 15 games for sure.

First people complain about only getting 10 gold and the reward system got a huge buff and now they complain about getting 30 gold :joy:
I think now your rewards are more consistent, so in average you should get more gold than before.

@MrMint you wanna get in on this? :smiley:

Complainers are gonna complain I guess :wink:

It used to be 100g per win. So 30g is still pretty bad in comparison.

Even Hearthstone gives 33. Doing anything “worse than hearthstone” never looks good.

Entirely missed my point. My concern was that I never received anything other than 30 gold, and was wondering if anyone else got this as well? If so it might be a bug.

Please read the actual post before replying next time :slight_smile:

Please, just read the announcements/patch notes. You DO get more gold overall than the patch before.

What kind of argument is that? Even if Heapsplone had XP, level rewards and so on and so on, what does it matter?

I get bout 2.5k of Polish Goldens, does it mean this game is worse than my job?


I play also Magic Duels.

MAGIC DUELS: 30 gold for any won battle,
FAERIA: 30 gold for any won battle

MAGIC DUELS: 300 gold for a pack with 6 NEW cards (no double to destroy) , 1 epic or legendary, 2 rare,
FAERIA: 1000 gold for a pack with 5 cards, that can be double( and mostly is) , mostly 1 rare. (very rarely epic or legendary)

MAGIC DUELS: 10 won battle to buy a pack with 6 NEW cards
FAERIA: 34 won battle to buy a pack with 5 cards

MAGIC DUELS: everyday tasks give 80 gold on average
FAERIA: everyday tasks give 400 gold on average

MAGIC DUELS: you need 4 days to buy a pack from everyday tasks
FAERIA: you need 3 days to buy a pack from everyday tasks.

MAGIC DUELS: - you do not have any gold for just logging in.
FAERIA: you have about 400 gold,(as they say, I do not see it but maybe it is random and I am just unlucky. This week I had 120 a day, and one chest at the end, so all together it is (120*6+1000)/7=245. So I could have 2 more chests in a week.
So the system is rather generous if you just logging and nothing more. If you play , then not.
It could be all right, if the cards in the pack were new (not the one you need to disenchant). Then I would be happy and no need to complaint.

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You are well aware than until you do the dance with disenchanting, time to collect deck and time to collect whole card stock, your numbers are meaningless?

We’re still comparing different currencies without comparing buying power. And even as meaningless as this is, you still managed to miss XP rewards.

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You might just be extremely unlucky. Sorry @FrostFire :sweat:

It’s 150 gold per booster actually. You can literally get 1 booster every day by just playing dailies (80 for daily + 30x2 for 2 wins (most of dailies asking you for exactly two wins with different conditions) + 20 for first win of the day = 160).

Is everyone here not taking into account Levelling Gold or something ? Cause that’s the one best source of gold in my opinion.
When I was Laddering, every 3 games - sometimes every two wins - I would level up and get between 80 and 120 gold - so let’s say to stabilize it, one hundred gold.
And I’m saying every 3 games, not every 3 wins.
Why isn’t anyone taking this into account ?