Colors balance on Pandora

Hi all :slight_smile:

I have just a little question.

I m a beginner a Faeria and i see in pandora that every people i meet play full green or dual color with green (green/red specially).

Green is really (too?) strong on pandora mode or it’s just a false impression ?

Thx for bringing the light to a noob ^^

First of all, you either exaggerate, are very (un)lucky, or have very small sample size. Because you know, one color is always locked in Pandora, and sometimes this color is green.

Now for the topic. I’m mostly playing practice runs, so I see situation only for a slice from 0-1 to 2-0 brackets (if some color is significantly stronger than others, than you’ll face more decks of that color at higher win brackets, and will eventually play more games against that color). For five latest practice runs (18 games) I have the following statistics:
monoR - 4
RY and RG - 3
monoG, monoB, GB, GY - 2

Or, counting number of decks in wich each color had occured:
R - 10
G - 9
B - 4
Y - 5

For more statistics - join the “How was your (practice) pandora run today?” thread.

Many of the successful pandora players said that Green-Red is the strongest in pandora. It’s definitely the most popular. I kind of agrees because they don’t rely much on combo or synergy.

But it depends on your playstyle too. GR has not been more successful than others for me. Rush can be really strong because of lack of removal and unlucky drafting and draws. Blue is said to be the weakest in pandora by some but it’s not too bad I think, Cappucino even said you can’t have a bad draft with blue in a stream.

Check out Cappucino’s tier list to help with drafting decisions/card evaluations.

And luuu’s pandora guides too.

Sure sure it’s not statistics, i just play 2 pandora and some practice run. So it’s just an impression.
Yesterday for exple i meet 6 green (2 green/red and 4 mono) on 6 matchs so it’s surprise me.

That’s why i just ask if some colors are more strong than other in pandora to help me in futur.

Thanks a lot for guide i will looking that :blush:

Green, with taunts and buffs, and red, with direct damage, are universally seen as the easiest colours to play. As Pandora can be very unpredictable, it’s not surprising people go for the easy options!

Screen shots of some of the 9 win pandora decks from reddit.

Kinda my impression too - at least relative to non-pandora.

  • Yellow benefits most from a well crafted deck, so it suffers most in pandora.
  • Blue has too many “dud” or “pandora-dud” cards (fish, turtle tale, sturdy shell, stormspawn, luduan, noble, wavecrash, sanctuary, azure wisp & more) - I avoid using it when I get Djinn’s lamp unless I’m mono-blue - so crafting blue during pandora is hard.
  • Red - almost everything works well in pandora, and it’s the most fun IMHO.
  • With green you need to choose early whether you’re doing lots of forest. But it’s not a huge loss if this doesn’t work.

My 4th Pandora Run had green disabled. But if you pick Red as your main, it’ll still be fine:

And this was with a forced Imperial Engineer because all other Epics on that pick were even worse.
However, Icerock Behemoth was quite decisive in a few matches.

My 5th didn’t have any garbage Epic picks, and yellow was disabled this time.

To be fair, I think red is more important than green in Pandora. But even if red disables, you can main green backed by blue.