How was your (practice) pandora run today?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we can talk about our daily/recent pandora run.

Please share your drafting/playing experience/adventure in this thread. :relaxed:


1-2 in practice just now.

Yellow deck with some blue cards like battle toads and frogify for defence. Treasures were good, I don’t remember their names, but one was turning creature that attacked god into 10/10 (never used), turning something into 6/1, and multi-purpose one +7 life, destroy land and something else.

Anyway, easy win in first game, opponent not prepared for rush. But ran into green decks for next two, landed some blows but all the taunt nullified my attackers and they launched counter-attack. My attack ran out of steam, no suitable card or faeria.

Not good with red and yellow, will try blue next if I can. Green is easiest to play for beginner like me.

2-2, had a decent Red-Green Midrange deck. Treasures were:
Doom Scythe
Jeweled Magpie
Iona’s Mirror

Had good late game but got overrun by some faster decks.

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Great initiative @xploring!
Looking forward to hear peoples experiences!

I got 9-1 wins with this deck. It was well balanced, with a good mix of buffs and efficient creatures. It could’ve used a bit more mobility. A Horsemaster and a Grovecaller wasn’t quite enough. Sunken Towers would’ve been useful.

The treasure picks fit the deck pretty well, although I didn’t need them much. Doom Scythe won me one long and close match, by removing a creature that I otherwise couldn’t have stopped from attacking my orb.

All of my matches went well, except for the one I lost. I couldn’t prevent my opponent from collecting two more faeria than I did through most of the match. Then he played an Aurora’s Dream from a Luduan and I had no chance of winning after that.

The Triton Sanctuary was very useful in this match. All the extra faeria won me the match after I drew enough cards to use it.


I have been playing this beautiful game (really, the art is so awesome!) since last Friday, and I’m practicing Pandora since then. I managed to get three wins 4 times :grin: . Want to practice a little bit more to avoid wasting my Pandora coins :stuck_out_tongue: .

PS: Anyone who likes to add me as an ingame, go ahead. Would like to share some (n00b :stuck_out_tongue: ) thoughts with you.

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I had a 9 win run today. It was overall my 3rd run I had 9 wins. With only one loss :slight_smile:
All my successful runs have been with red though. I can’t seem to make the other colors work.
And something else I noticed is that tempo decks are good and being aggressive.


2-2 today. Mainly blue with some green buff cards. Made some mistakes drafting in hindsight but wasn’t too bad.

But the result was disappointing because I got ahead 2-0 and was really happy with how I played. Repelled early attack and my counter attacks were unstoppable. Then in the 3rd game, I had a Sturdy Shell who got randomly buffed to 3/10 but he was trapped by enemy land and could only harvest faeria. I used Mirror Fantasm to transform him and he died in between turns because he wasn’t aquatic anymore. :tired_face: Oops. XD Game went downhill from there.

Last game, it was back and forth, fairly even but I was worse I think. My opponent planted down a Bould Thrower with a clear shot but it was not hopeless. Next turn, he used a treasure to buff it to 7/6 and I panicked and game over soon after.

It was the best experience I had with blue so far though. All the jumping toads are fun to play with. :relaxed:

2/2 with green/blue. Solid cards all around, but no real synergy which was a pretty large weakness.
Treasures were Hammer, Crystal Dragon and Clockwork Yak.
I’m kind of salty about the last game, which I lost to opponent topdecking a treasure for direct damage.

Just played Red. Lost the first two games but both were very close but in the end I guess my oponents drew the better cards.
I won two games with the help from @xploring but again it was too close for comfort, I had some lucky top deck cards. And the last game it was even closer I had a Lord of Terror and my opponent had 4 life. He played God Hunter and gained 5 life and finished me off with huge green creatures :frowning:
Don’t know if I just had bad luck, a bad deck or just played badly haha

Jeffbert’s 2nd loss was close too. Literally 1 turn between winning and losing. And the first loss was 1 life away from winning. So close!

Also, today I learnt that The Lord of Terror is a pain in the ass. :joy:

I didn’t help, just being a noob yabbering away. :))

Had a pretty shitty deck today (neutral and red cards, and a lost blue one :joy: ) and played bad also. Result: 1-2. Guess you can’t have three wins everyday :wink: .

Maybe that one win was against me @ChimaeraNL haha

2-2 today. Red-Green deck, lot of buff cards and removal but not enough big bodies probably. Still not sure about drafting, and discard before the games.

Games were nothing special, got a forfeit win. Faced yellow rush last game, I didn’t want to put down my expensive red cards for bad trades and it was game over very soon. Couldn’t draw green until too late.

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3-1 for me today. Had a Red-deck, not necessarily rush. Ignus was my hero! When I had board control he finished off everything :stuck_out_tongue: . 2/3 of a Pandora coin now.


2-2 again today. Same as yesterday 2-0 then lost twice. :anguished:

I picked a yellow-blue deck with lot of mobiltity. It’s a bit light on big hitters and bodies but it wasn’t too bad. Quite a few removal and movement cards. I played it like a rush deck, not sure if that’s right.

Anyway, first game, I was landlocked 2 tiles away from opponent’s orb then I draw Wind Gate and it allows me to summon creatures within striking distance and that saved my bacon. Second game was kind of close but attack went well.

Third, against red deck, he had a lot defenders on board before I drew my attackers and my attack never really materialized and his creatures gradually took over the board.

Last game, my opponent rushed so I defended but did not react quickly enough. I thought I had it covered but he used a lot imperial guard to tie up my defenders and I couldn’t clear his main threat. Had the assassin in hand but couldn’t draw a hard removal. He activated Hold the Line! very early on so I should have remembered he had those units to tie me up. May have made a difference, may be not.

Things I learnt today:

My attacking land placement is still bad. If my opponent actively blocks me, I often get landlocked 2 tiles away from his orb. Probably need some threat when I try to place offensive land.

I really needed a big creature who can stick and clear the board at times. May be I should have picked Daring Adventurer instead of one of the 5-6 removal cards.

Aquatic movement limitation caught me by surprise more than once. Need more practice playing with them.

Treasures were good, drafting probably still my biggest problem. Just tried to pick good cards without having an idea what playstyle I am going for with the deck. Then I don’t know how best to play the deck I picked. :sweat_smile:

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3-0 with a mostly mono red (splash of neutral and yellow).
Treasures: World’s Tear, Bloodstone Golem, Eredon’s Drum (slow, and very bad according to the pandora tierlist, but I find it works wonders if you happen to draw it as your first treasure)

I got very lucky in draft, going for burn elements initially then morphing into more of a midrange deck.
Cards included 2 Axe Grinder, 2 Seifer’s Wrath, 2 Groundshaker and a bunch of other solid cards.

Normally I draft green/blue and play very slowly so I decided to mix things up and played more offensive, with surprisingly successful results. I think a lot of other players, especially newer ones, also tend to play towards deep lategame and end up not being able to cope with offensive pushes very well.

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3-0 Yes! So happy. :grin: I have 2/3 of a pandora coin now from practice.

Green-Blue deck with lot of high health creatures and buff cards, with jump creatures and land movement card in support. All 3 treasures were removal related.

Isn’t Death’s Desire OP? Hard removal for any creature at no faeria cost. Opponent gain faeria and two cards but it’s hard for him to get another creature with the same threat. Even if he has another, it’s off the board so he needs to place it then wait another turn.

All 3 games were slow and manouvering. Sunken tower is so good, moving enemy threat away and/or into my Taunt creatures. All the timely buffs allowed me to make good trades and elminate strong threat too.

Game 1, simple win, opponent rushed but he didn’t have the right creatures and my high health creatures gradually mowed him down. It was a normal grizzly who was my main threat and Dark Crystal delivered the final blow.

Game 2 was a lot closer than I expected. Memory is fuzzy already… :sweat_smile: Ah yes, it was late game and my creatures surrounded his orb and it looked like I was going to win. But then he placed an Icerock Behemoth next to my 2 main threats. The Behemoth had Safeguard too so he would survive even if I throw all my creatures at it. If that went ahead, my orb was open with only 1 minon on board and it was his game for the taking. Then I draw Frogify, the only copy of hard removal in my deck (I used Death’s Desire already on a 4/6 because I was confident I was winning). I was worried the Frogify may be deflected by Safeguard but it worked. Even removing the Safeguard. So lucky. :sweat_smile:

Game 3

It was tight but I gradually grounded out the win. Screenshot below for late game. I was worried when the two Mirror Fantasm appeared but my opponent misplayed and allowed me to move land and tie them up with my Willow with Taunt. I drew several good health creatures after all the trades and the board cleared and he had no answer after that.

Things I learnt recently: targeted buffs are much better than random buffs. You can give it to the creatures that need it at the right time. Random buffs are hit and miss. They add up over time but they often end up not making a difference in their individual situations.

I never felt short of faeria with this deck. Early and proactive faeria harvesting helped a lot. Been wondering what’s a good limit for deck cost. Looks like it could be 4.0-4.5 with faeria harvesting.

Green-Blue suits me, more relaxing play with blue compensating for green’s lack of movement. Yellow rush is full of risk and excitement but too tense for me. Red, not enough experience, feels under the pump sometimes.


In my opinion the optimal average faeria cost should be between 3 and 4. Statistically you would be able to play a card every turn.
An average faeria cost of 4.5 means that the 3 faeria plus the 1 faeria is not enough to play the average card on a given turn.
Of course it depends on the deck maybe you have cards that reduce the faeria cost of the other cards and/or you’re collecting faeria from a well.
But it does mean that when you have neither of those things you would only be able to play a card every second turn.

That’s true. I was surprised that I had so many spare faeria with my deck of 3.9 . Blue is best for harvesting wells though, without aquatic creature to double harvest per turn on one side, 4 may be the limit.

But green creatures stick to the board for so long, definitely more than one turn on average, so it’s not necessary to play one card per turn. Guess it all depends on the game situation and decks.

Pandora also skewed the count a bit with 6 faeria per turn during Pandora phase. You can probably get away with a more expensive deck if it’s not too bad going in to Pandora phase.