Community Feature Ideas

Hi everyone,

We are constantly receiving a lot of great ideas from the community on features. Those ideas are usually coming through various communication channels such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Boards or by email.

By creating this dedicated topic, we would like to aggregate those great ideas together and encourage the discussion around them.

It’s time to share your brilliant ideas!

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Here’s some ideas I’ve thought of:

  • Add alternative bigger boards, possibly with different layouts.

  • A new mode that gives both players a random deck at the start of each match. These could be either completely randomized or created randomly within a set of rules. Like only including cards of one color or by only using cards that fit in an archetype.

  • A puzzle mode where you need to win against the AI in a premade match, which could start from the middle of the match.

  • Winning matches where the opponent surrenders would be more satisfying if there was a surrender animation before the results screen appears.

  • Players currently rank up and earn gold significantly faster if they play rush decks. If the gold gained from wins was scaled up depending on how long the match was, players could earn gold equally fast by playing slower decks. This would encourage people to play the decks they enjoy playing the most, rather than playing fast decks to gain rewards faster.

  • Allow seeing what the upcoming Pandora artifacts are and when they’ll appear at the start of the match. This would allow the player to plan their strategy around the artifacts. It would remove the annoyance of having their strategy ruined by random effects they couldn’t have known about beforehand.

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Hi, I just loved the game. But I am really concerned about on how heavy and slow are the main menu and boster oppening. I would prefer , or have the option, to open booster faster (without all that magic) and a faster and lighter background on main menu. To no talk about the small icons, make it greater please. For now I am happy with the gameplay interface and how fast I connect to have a multiplayer game (God job on that!)
Best Regards

Now that Solo mode is released we have seen quite many interesting quests. Some quests even alter the board by changing the board size or moving the faeria wells. It would be awesome if the players got these kind of options in custom games - altering the board, summoning starting minions etc. You could even allow players to share these kind of settings to each other so community could create its own solo content to the game.

I would love to see how Southeast Asia player fare out with the Western part. I’ll volunteer for any matchup’s and I have quite some good experience in CCG titles before. Also, I hope my in-game nickname can be changed for at least once! Most games do offer that. The second time of changing will require cash definitely.

Can we have the ability to message other players (anyone would be good but only friends is also fine)?

Hi! Here is what I noticed:

  • There is to much time to play the cards. I understand this for new players, but those who have - lets say - a 100 game behind them should know the cards and their deck well enough to react whithin half that much time. So there should be half the time we currently have. Time is valuable
  • Speed! I agree with @rasmath . Faster menu, skippable animations. It is especially annoying when I fight a boss for the 20th time and I have to wait for the AI’s speech to end and it take s like a whole minute… Time is valuable
  • While we are waiting for match up before multiplayer battle, we should be occupied. It would be very useful if I could see my deck - what I am going to use - in that 1 minute waiting. Time is valuable also knowing my deck is good.
  • There is a lot of friend (because tournament and stuff) and I don’t know them. I should be able to make categories and notes. And if it would be a solution which is only stored on my local machine, then I should be able to export my categories and notes. Space and order is good
  • There could be a lot of deck. But I could not handle them. So now I have a trash deck which I change against every new boss… There should be deck categories. Space and order is good , also filtering and sorting.
  • Decks should be exportable. So I can share it like a file with friends. I would probably not use it, but earlier I thought for some reason that it a must. Maybe beacuse there are no categories. I could export my more useless decks and only load back if I really need it. :slight_smile:
  • Well played and other messages should be evolved. Often it makes me angry when someone hits the well played button because it carries 3 meaning: “I won!” , “You won!”, “GG!”
    There should be 3 separate message for this. Also there should be a “you will pay for this” next to the “you will not survive”. And maybe a “Haha!”.
  • In battle there is a history column. When a card has 1 or more target then the targets should be listed next to it aswell. Especially if they were destroyed and not visible anymore. This could be done with little eye icons next to the card, and the card would appear when we hover over them.
  • There is some time until next tournament - I only was on one, and I didn’t prepared a deck for it - and I want to prepare decks for it. It would be useful if there would be a deckSet validator even when I am not registering decks. So I could check their validity beforehand.
  • When I have a long pandora in progress I should be still be able to play practice pandore. Since there can be only 1 practice coin I think, and I don’t want to lose it. It was not problem for me, but it could be if I would not have time to play the long one through before practice.

I like this idea - if you mean the card would appear on the board in its resting place.

There’s lots you could do to improve the battle history, I agree. I saw it used to have a scrollbar on old screenshots - I don’t know why it was removed.

Most other ideas sound quite good too - although I’m not sure if the Pandora one is necessarily a negative IMHO.

As for the time limit, I did a survey here and most people found the time limit OK.

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Thanks for the link. I still think there is a lot of time. Especially if your enemy using all of it all the time while you doing everything in 3 second. By the way drawing cards animation should be skippable too.

I forgott to write the time bank idea, but I see you asked in your survey. So next to the shorter time there could be some time bank, and you could ask for more time in occasion if you really need it. I like the idea about time being affected by your number of acting choices and the actual complexity of the board state.

Or an other idea: You act fast 5 times in a row you get an extra Fearia. Or when you act faster than your enemy 5 times in a row. Or every time the sum of “acting” time difference is greater than a limit, and then the difference pool would be emptied.

An other idea:
I should be able to play against my own deck. There should be a practice battle mode where I can tell the AI which deck it plays, and that way I could see how it is to face my own deck. It would help testing it.

One more:
I don’t know if there is welcome back present. But since Faeria really needs the player base, maybe there should for those who would might return for the game after a longer time. And maybe for the friends who bring them back somehow…?
I don’t know how much this is an issue at this game…

Should I have opened a new topic for each idea?

Anyway here is another faint idea: Loaded cards
There could be cards like the cards which give random cards, but these cards would be loaded with cards you choose and not the whole deck. For example: When you put the loaded card into your deck, you choose 10 cards which are loaded into it. And when you draw it you get one at random. Or you would ha 70% for getting one of them and 30% to getting a totally random card :smiley: . Similarly there could be “choose one” loaded cards.

If we want to make these cards harder to use, then they could be loaded only one time in their exsistence. Meaning you have to get a new one when you want to load them with different cards. Or the system could load them for you random, but you would know what is loaded into them. Although this idea would create too many different and untrackable cards and it would/could cause great problems for developers. So disregard the second part of my text :smile: .

I should be able to view my deck even when it is registered to the tournament. (And I already wrote that I should be able to view my deck when I am waiting for an enemy to be found before battle.)

Am I spamming this forum? :smiley:

Next idea: CS:GO has a News channel and a mood setting ESPORT video when you enter the application. Maybe it is something what could be used here too. Somehow bring these pages into the application, because users seem to be lost when they are searching ways to enter tournament, also I do not see many users here around the web page(s).

In the custom game rooms you should be able to change the amount of faeria you gain per turn. You could you special modes from the solo content you or you could lay Pandora against your friends the possibilities ard endless!!!

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Thank you for valuing our input! Here are a few suggestions after about a month of playing (and loving!) Faeria:

Card Collection Completion %
As a new player, I am so focused and excited over building my collection and earning new cards. I would love to see total % completion with sub-totals for card rank (95% common, 30% rare, 15% epic, 5% legendary) and color (85% green, 70% red…)

See a card’s base stats when hovering over it mid-battle
When certain creatures are buffed/damaged, I’d like to hover over them and see their base stats, so I know how Voice of Truth will impact them. This is especially helpful for a new player still learning all card stats. For example, I played a Daring Adventurer next to two enemy creatures, so it hit the board at 6/6. It was then damaged to 6/1. I used Voice of Truth on it and it reset to 2/2 – instead of the 6/6 I expected. My mistake, really, as a new player, but the simple hover clarity would’ve been helpful.

Animated mythic card art
I know this is a stretch, though I’d love if the mythic card art was ever-so-slightly animated. I respect anyone who likes the current mythic borders and shine, though they’re a bit distracting for me. Using the elemental cards as examples, the Fire Elemental could have lava flowing down its sides, the Air Elemental could have a wind blowing around it, the Wood Elemental could have vines slithering about, and the Water Elemental could have water swirling or flowing. All animations would be subtle so it doesn’t distract anyone too much.

Thanks for considering my ideas!


An idea: Make us capable to discard cards from our hands. Maybe we could even get 1 faeria for discarding.

Reason: Sometimes you are stuck with a card in your hand which you do not plan to use. And sometimes because of it your hand will be full and you lose valuable cards. So we should be able to discard. And sometimes the game depends on 1 faeria point, so maybe we should get one for discarding :D. We could even say that maximum 1 faeria per turn can be gained this way.