[CSS] Community Sentiment Snapshot #1

Thank you everyone who voted and replied
This got a lot more traction than I thought it would. Based on the feedback CSS #2 will be on May 7th. I will also include some new questions that were suggested. CSS #3 will be Oversky themed, and be 1 month after it’s release so look out for that as well. Thanks again for participating!

Hello everyone it’s me Decabytes,
I think we have all heard it before. “Communication is important.” It makes sure that peoples voices are getting heard, that people are on the same page, helps identify areas of improvement , and reaffirms what is working well. Faeria has been out officially for a month. Some of us have been playing since early access, others right when the game came out, and some are brand new. I’m curious to what the overall sentiment of everyone is.

It can be hard to judge the health of a community using the forums. The way I generally see it is that when players are angry/frustrated they make a post about that. When players are happy and excited they make a post about that as well. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this (so long as it conforms to the community guidelines :wink:) But it’s the ups and downs as a whole that shape your experience and perception of the game. I figured it might be nice to have a post that people can look to that will hopefully give a representative look at how the community is feeling. This can give new players who happen to stumble across the game a good idea about whether this might be a game worth investing time into. This can help Team Abrakam gauge the success of the initiatives that they are pushing. It can also help to see if they are missing something, or not taking an issue as serious as they should.

So let’s have a discussion! Hopefully this can be a useful way for Team Abrakam to see how their game is doing! I’m testing out the poll feature and I have some questions at the end. If you have more to say then the questions in the poll feel free to drop a reply. If you agree with what someone is saying then toss them a like. Also I believe the poll votes are anonymous.

Never spending money is not a bad option. Being Free to play is A-OK.
Ocassional spending would be, mostly free to play but will buy expansions and exclusive content, or will spend money on packs every other month.
Regular spending is every once a month and up

  • I regularly spend money in Faeria
  • I occasionally spend money in Faeria
  • I am exclusively a Free to Play Player

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  • The cosmetics are Overpriced
  • The cosmetics are priced Fairly
  • The cosmetics are Underpriced

  • The chests are Expensive
  • The chests are priced Fairly
  • The chests are Underpriced

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  • The cosmetics are Overpriced
  • The cosmetics are priced Fairly
  • The cosmetics are Underpriced

  • The chests are Expensive
  • The chests are priced Fairly
  • The chests are Underpriced

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  • The gold rewards are too Generous
  • The gold rewards are Fair
  • The gold rewards are Poor

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Team Abrakam’s Communication
Satisfactory is where you want to strive to be at all times. Above that, give yourself a damn pat on the back
Substandard Essentially just needs improvement
Poor You are very unhappy with Abrakam’s Communication. Majority of votes in this category is VERY BAD

  • Team Abrakam’s communication is Exceptional
  • Team Abrakam’s communication is Satisfactory
  • Team Abrakam’s communication is Substandard
  • Team Abrakam’s communication is Poor

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The Meta
Diverse You never know what your opponent is playing. You don’t know what is going on. Everything is chaos and Rainbow, Tri, Dual and mono decks abound.
Decent You encounter a healthy amount of decks. All colors are viable and have at least 1-2 decks
Dreadful the meta is dominated by a couple decks that you play against every game.
Dull Not necessarily a terrible meta, it’s just time for a new expansion to shake things up.

  • The meta is Diverse
  • The meta is Decent
  • The meta is Dreadful
  • The meta is Dull

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Content In the Game

  • There is too much content!
  • I could always use more but I’m happy with what I currently have
  • I don’t think there is enough content
  • We are in Dire need of new content

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  • More Missions
  • More Tournaments
  • More Cards
  • More Cosmetics
  • More Contests

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  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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  • Yes
  • There is only one answer

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  • Yes in 30 days
  • Yes in 60 days
  • Yes in 90 days
  • Yes in 120 days
  • No

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If you made it this far thank you for reading! Here are a couple questions to think about and maybe reply too.

What about Faeria do you enjoy?

What is a change that would increase your enjoyment of the game?

Are there any questions I should add to the next snapshot?


I bought a gem starter pack and an early access bundle. Pricing is difficult to judge, I think the game is fairly generous but when I often get only 2 cards from a new pack that I can use (others are duplicates), it doesn’t seem good value at all. It would be nice if everything is cheaper, but not unhappy with how things are at the moment. I guess all the paying players are subsidising the free players. Cosmetics are very expensive, but I guess that’s their way of making money.

In terms of the game, I am very happy with the gameplay and variety of strategy and synergy with the cards. But there are still a lot of cards that are just “bad” or rarely used, particularly with some of the dud epics and legendary, more tweaking and balancing would be nice.

Sometimes, I login but I don’t want to play a game and don’t really have enough cards to build a deck, and there’s nothing really to do other than those two. I wish there is more puzzles/combo/analysis and single player content. There are so much strategic potential in the game, but new players often don’t see it until they watch a top player streams or plays, it would be good for the game if they can show that in game with more combos/illustrations/puzzles. Deck integration and sharing is a sorely needed feature, and links to videos/guides showing strategic possibilities. Move by move game logs sharing and replays too, like chess perhaps, showing both hands and decks, would be great.

Typo in title, should be snapshot instead snapshop. :sweat_smile:


This heading is messed up, I rate you only satisfactory for communication.

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I really like the overall balance of the game. There are a lot of viables decks, with diverse strategies.
I also like that a huge part of my defeats come from mistakes I made during the game. #feelsgoodman.

I would like to see automatic tournament build in the game like Pokémon tcg online. You pay an entry fee, once there are enough players the tournament start and the top 2/3 share the pot. Would be really fun IMO.
A replay feature would be really nice. But using OBS to record my games is ok for now ^^

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I enjoy that it is a mixture between chess and hearthstone. And that it is easy to learn and hard to master.
And I actually enjoy the grind for more cards. When I see a fun deck I want to grind until I have all the necessarry cards for it :smiley:

  • More singleplayer content
  • Balancing of cards
  • The lore
  • More yaks

That sounds awesome. And how many players participate in tournaments?
And how long do you have to wait?

On pkmntcgo ? 8 players tournaments (bo1, single elimination bracket). The most I waited was 3 minutes IIRC but the player base is larger.

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I put in 200 USD and am fairly close to a complete collection. still have ~600 memoria and ~5000 gems … spent most of it on mythic chests.

if I feel I need something, I just craft it.

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200 USD on a game. Wow. May I ask how many hours you invested in it already?
I guess you’re in for the long term.
I think I already paid like 30USD and I already have a decent collection. But then again I’m already level 175 :smiley:

…a lot. …I only teach 6 hours a week this semester… so… uh… maybe I play it like a part-time job … probably full-time for the first couple weeks I found it …

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I’m pretty much up to 100 € myself (Early Access + Full collection + Steam pack + a goki here and there). Almost 100 hours IG already. :smiley:

I changed my vote to “The meta is Dreadful”, since it occurs to me that I don’t think I’ve played against any deck but Crackthorn in the last week. :feelsyakman:


Oh wow, :smiley:
What about the adventure pouch? Are you going to get that plushy yak? :smiley:

I’m thinking about it yeah °-°


When it comes to content, I think few next upgrades to cards and mechanics will have Faeria in really nice place, as for now I feel there is just this tad bit too little. Especially when it comes to multi-color, it’s barely represented.

That being said, I do think it would be good to also invest into gaming modes. Upcoming co-op mode is an amazing start and I really hope the hype to it’s release will be as big as it deserves. From there it’s only few steps into possibility of 2v2 or even 3 or 4FFA games - an concept so little explored it just might be the thing that starts all things.

Coming back down to earth for a sec, I also think Faeria misses a lot on “arcade” modes or however they call it now. This is to say - weekly rotation of a mutator games. Faeria has an enormous potential here, as it can mess with board on top of all other things - and I feel the backbone to do so program wise would be invaluable as well. That being said, single player was superb mostly due to all the wicked variations of rules and I wonder how well they translate to multiplayer. Or how challenging it would be to create a grid so big that scrolling or zoom would need to be introduced. And how interesting it would be to watch a 8 player battle royale once in a while.

One thing is for sure, summer will bring some really interesting things, and open some really interesting gates. And also 10 day long marathons of 12h shifts, but hey… ^^’


I’m generally happy with the game, I think I would like to see more cards, which they are coming.

My issue and its not a issue, its just something they need to add and are going to. I want them to add in the ability to change card deck cover card, the ability to rearrange decks and have more slots to create more decks. These things I heard will get added but no deadline. I just wish it was a lot sooner than later.

I was thinking about the same thing :). The room for casual game modes development is huge in this game. A bigger board for 4FFA starting with 40 life would be great fun. Mirroring the Commander format from MtG would be amazing here.

I’m ok with legendaries being a little underwhelming after playing Hearthstone where if you didn’t have like 5 per deck it was ■■■■. Then again I have already gotten more legendaries from chests in this game (3weeks) vs 2 years of hearthstone (Not counting the adventure expansion legendaries.)

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Hah I fixed it, thanks :sweat_smile:

What about Faeria do you enjoy?:

Faeria does an excellent job of combining the spirit of CCG with the tactical positioning and play of classic boardgames. I have an extensive background with board games, very fond of Abstract games in particular, and I find the way the movement and positioning on the board plays out is much more akin to Chess, Arimaa, Gipf games and so on. As long as the game has a core feel as such, I’ll probably be into it.

What is a change the would increase your enjoyment of the game?:

Not so much a change as a concern. I Would like to see more answers/weak cards buffed over nerfing cards perceived as too strong. Obviously nerfing is necessary at times, there is no question, but I have played too many games that got into the mentality of nerfing everything with few buffings, creating a stale and muddled gameplay. It hasn’t gotten to that point with Faeria, but I hope it never does.

Are there any questions I should add to the next snapshot?:

Perhaps ask about some general sentiments regarding the state of individual colours, mechanics, and so on. One could argue the community sentiment will be largely predictable, but it might be worthwhile to do a general poll to see how many people actual feel one way or another vs. those who are more vocal about such things.

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