Custom Card Dump

Just a bunch of random faeria card designs I’ve come up with. Feel free to comment.

EDIT: To be clear, I didn’t create nor do I claim to own any of the art in the above designs. Links for each cards original art are below
Fleet Falcon -
Tarum’s Tender -
Enchanted Ursus -
Devour the Meek -
Bursts of Insight -
Trials of Flame -
Secret Paths -
Master Fletcher -
Herald of the Forest World -
Timberland Growth -


Really interesting and very nice arts. :heart_eyes: So professional.:thumbsup:

Typo with Herald of the Forest World: “one or more forests”? I guess you mean in single turn?

Master Fletcher is extremely powerful. Is 4 faeria is too cheap since you can move it and give more than one creature ranged?

Secret Paths too cheap, only 1 faeria for teleport? I guess Desert Twist is 0 cost but 5 land cost…

Not a Faeria veteran, but I had some experience with other TCGs and know a bit about common custom card issues.

Fleet Falcon

Falcon Dive with limited reach that you can send to gather Faeria or peck the opponent’s orb? Seems good. Actually, a bit too good.

Tarum’s Tender

Looks broken to me. Probably should have a top limit. Also, seems a bit too mobile for its color (not sure about this one, because there’s no official material about “color philosophies”).

Enchanted Ursus

Hello, Lightspawn!

Devour the Meek

I suppose you had MtG’s fight mechanics in mind, but, as far as I know, there’s no keyword for it in Faeria (for those who are not familiar with MtG, it’s when creatures deal damage equal to their attack to each other, here’s the link with details). Also, ability to fight multiple creatures at once raises a whole new level of problems. Should each “meek” creature take the full attacker’s damage? If no, how the damage of the attacker should be distributed among them?

Bursts of Insight

In most cases it’s just a cycling tool. May be a bit too powerful in some combo event-based decks. I like it, though.

Trails of Flame

Honestly - I haven’t got it. Both the art and the card’s idea. The only excuse for running a worse verison of Firebomb that can’t target structures I can imagine is a control deck that already runs three Firebombs.

Secret Paths

Definitely too cheap for its effect.

Master Fletcher

I like this one. Mostly - because it gave me an inspiration to try some strange RY deck with cannon carriers and deathtouch creatures. Can’t guess if the card would be balanced or not.

Herald of the Forest World


Timberland Growth

I really like the idea of “anti-discount”, but the card seems to be too faeria-efficient.

Falcon and ursus - Dash means “move more than 1 space in your turn”. So a dash of less than 2 is pointless. Alternatively, make it Haste.

Devour the meek - if it were “destroys” instead of “fights” it would have made more sense

Insight - having more than 9 cards in hand destroys all subsequent cards, so what’s the point?

Other than that - great mechanic ideas and top-notch art!

[quote=“Nettlesoup, post:4, topic:6226, full:true”]
Falcon and ursus - Dash means “move more than 1 space in your turn”. So a dash of less than 2 is pointless.[/quote]

No, you mean charge. Dash means “move on spawn”, which is perfectly fine.

[quote=“Nettlesoup, post:4, topic:6226, full:true”]
Devour the meek - if it were “destroys” instead of “fights” it would have made more sense[/quote]

Well, then it wouldn’t make any sense. Why would a creature destroy another creature? It would be just last nightmare. The point is, you get to deal damage but you take damage too - thus, it’s a creature doing the fighting, and not a DD.

I don’t get your point here at all. That’s true for any and every draw mechanic, including power wheel. And yes, if you have 9 cards on hand, it’s useless to draw. But why would you draw when you have full hand in the first place?

Is direct damage useless, because you can target friendly creatures?

In general, I wasn’t overly concerned about getting costs and numbers exactly right. That requires testing to figure out and is heavily dependent on environment.

The idea of trials of flame is to give red decks ways to combat large creatures effectively. 2 mana for 4 damage is very efficient, and is only balanced by a strict targeting restriction which forces the card to never actually be capable of killing anything by itself.

Charge is move more than one space in a Straight Line. Dash allows to change direction mid-move. Other than that, they are identical - neither dash nor charge allow you to attack the same turn

Fighting the creature none of your units are next to doesn’t make sense, unless it’s direct damage. And if you Do have a creature next to the enemy’s, why not just do it normally, instead of using a spell? Also, the lowest cost creature is usually a 1/1 or 2/2 harvester anyway, so it doesn’t make much difference if it’s destroyed.

The description on Bursts of Insight doesn’t specify “Draw until you have 9 cards”. This implies that, as long as some faeria is being harvested, it will continue drawing, even if it means burning the cards in your deck

[quote=“Nettlesoup, post:7, topic:6226, full:true”]
Charge is move more than one space in a Straight Line. Dash allows to change direction mid-move. Other than that, they are identical - neither dash nor charge allow you to attack the same turn[/quote]

You’re wrong on all accounts.
Charge is movement in straight line more than one space. Dash is movement on spawn (not counting as normal move). None of them allows you to change direction mid-move.


When summoned, move this creature up to X spaces in a straight line.


Can move up to X spaces in a straight line.

Gathering, body-blocking, better trades. making sure enemy looses critical amount of damage to clear your creature… there’s plenty of reasons. And I don’t see why fighting ranged makes no sense, ranged creatures do it already.

Read the description again.

You get one card per one faeria gathered this turn. Meaning, depending on turn order, between 4 to 8 cards maximum, unless some sort of faeria wells refill is in there. So? Once again, all card draw engines can and will burn your own cards even if you don’t want to, that is something you consider when playing them.

Please, think twice before posting. Your post is straight up ignorant.

Should probably post something as well.
A crad made mainly with combat and “whenever opponent’s creature dies” effects in mind (I’ve tried to make visual pun with “forked tongue” idiom and general reference to “strawman fallacy”, but I’m not sure if fork or strawman’s hat are recognizible enough):

Another card for combat decks (I was out of inspiration, so it’s almost the same function that I’ve used for strawman’s hat captured from the other point of view - the word “firebrand” was too tempting and too fitting for the general red themes to not make a card with that name):

And finally - one card I made for the recent contest that wasn’t submitted because I’ve missed “one multicolored card” restriction (and I was too proud of The Great Circle)

…ok, that “finally” wasn’t final enough. I’ve remembered another card I made for contest (both this card and Hedge were supposed to fit into slower types of green decks). It was also the most “hi-tech” card, that included TWO functions, Paint.NET and, OMG, even layers:

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I really like your ideas, some very clever implementations. Some thoughts:

Fleet Falcon is neat, I like the idea of turning Falcon Dive into a creature. As has been mentioned it looks a bit undercosted, as being able to harvest or double-harvest before hitting would make it very strong. 2 Faeria probably wouldn’t step on Wind Soldier’s toes, though using it as a double harvester away from everyone else is a good upside.

I like the idea of Landfall presented in Tarum’s Tender. Would probably need a cap, but a very cool green version of B/Y event creatures

Enchanted Ursus is a clever multi-color card but I think it rolls an entire deck into one card and is both a little abusable and negates the usefulness of the enchant cards themselves (why run Grizzly and willow as targets when you could run this, another beater, and 6 other utility cards).

Devour the Meek is great. Fight makes perfect sense as green’s removal option and targeting the lowest cost creature keeps the board relevant while making sure it isn’t too powerful.

Bursts of Insight is a neat concept, letting you draw cards to use the faeria you’re getting but REALLY hard to template. As it is now, you would need creatures next too but not at wells before playing it (they would harvest at the start of turn before you could play cards). It also requires two harvests to be more than a cantrip. Maybe something like, “draw a card, whenever a friendly creature harvests faeria next turn, draw an additional card”?

Trials of Flame is neat anti-green tech. Probably fairly costed as well.

Secret paths is probably too powerful to print at a price where it would be useful.

Master Fletcher may or may not work as you intend. I think it actually disincentives ranged creatures because you can just play more aggressively statted creatures defensively before dropping a Fletcher and going face. If you wanted to make a ‘ranged-lord’ type effect maybe giving him some power and either a +2/+0 for ranged while next to him or letting ranged creatures that start their turn next to him move and attack?

Herald of the Forest World should probably read “The first time you make a forest each turn…” unless you were going for bust landfall triggers. Of note though is that Tarum + Herald feels like it should be a good combo but is actually horrible. Right now, you would burn through your deck and maybe kill yourself in the process, and if you make it once a turn you just never get to use Herald again.

Timberland Growth is neat and the scaling cost is a great idea, but costing this one is really tough. It might want something other than a bloomsprite to make it more balanced, a green version of a farmboy or something.

My objective wasn’t to make a ranged lord. My objective was merely to create an interesting multi color card for RY.

The costs on all of these are likely off in one direction or another. Getting the numbers right takes testing and is dependant on environment. I also designed it when green was in a very weak spot and bloomsprite was often effectively whiffing. That said, I think the card is likely too good as well. Its probably more interesting at a cost of 3 or 4 faeria and a threshold of FF. So its 5 or 6 mana for two bloomsprites and then scales from there by 1 faeria and 1 bloomsprite per forest.

Herald has a typo at present. It currently says “whenever you make one of more forests” when it should say “one or more forests”. Meaning it can trigger multiple times a turn, but it only triggers once off of tarum, and only once off of wild growth.

The card was designed to meet a request for a 0 cost card draw spell. If I was redesigning the card, I would just make it cost more and change the wording to “Draw a card for each creature that has harvested this turn.” and up the cost by 1-3 faeria.

Dear Gailleus,
I appreciate your opinion. But please look up “ignorant” in the dictionary. Believe me, it does Not mean “anyone who disagrees with you”


1. lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated
2. discourteous or rude
3. (WEST INDIAN) easily angered

Seeing as you mistook core mechanics in the game - as is beyond a shadow of a doubt proven by the in-game quotes no less! - and managed to throw a bunch of unfounded claims that are still left not argumented… I feel lack of knowledge is a good fit. It only deepens as you now managed to misinterpret what “ignorant” means. And “opinion”, since what I cited and laid down is not such - unless you intend to argue well described and explored game mechanics are but an opinion. In which case your call for dictionary remains dull, since that would mean dictionary also presents only opinions…

To all others, I’m sorry, I cannot refuse myself a bit of word fencing. I will promptly stop now!

I like insight, ursus, falcon, flame best (in that order).

  • Falcon seems fine for its land cost. Not sure it feels yellow aesthetically (name/art), though.

  • Tarum’s Tender is too easily buffed IMHO. It’s similar but better than Windstorm Charger which is OP. It also seems to reduce green’s personality. If you want to keep it at +3/+0 I’d say give it taunt instead of charge 3.

  • Enchanted Ursus. Whenever any stat changes does it always just immediately copy its health value to its power? So gift of steel and kobold barracks has no effect, but nor does Azarai. If so that seems fine. It’s a great buff target (e.g. easy 9/9/taunt for 2 cards 6 faeria) so I’d increase price a lot. Also, shouldn’t it show as 5/5 to reduce confusion?

  • Devour the Meek not sure how this works. Does fight each from cheapest to most expensive (randomly selecting between equal cost) until it dies? Very weird and hard to prepare for. Also synergizes too well with giants, like Soul Eater. I don’t feel this fits.

  • Bursts of Insight. I like this one best. I assume it doesn’t apply retroactively, so you need to pull your harvesters away on the previous turn. Seems slightly too cheap but 1 faeria might be too much. 0.5 maybe? :slight_smile: - There is the risk that if things are going wrong you won’t be able to use it well, which is balanced by if things are going right it’s easy to get 2 cards with this - a free wisdom.
    Also, does this affect the opponent?

  • Trails of Flame seems good and balanced. I had similar to this on my urban artillery.

  • Secret Paths seems a bit too powerful. Make it next turn and it’d be fine.

  • Master Fletcher is ultra OP. I’d do it as a production effect (idea from here). I’d also increase the cost to 6.

  • Herald of the Forest World is too easy and way too OP. Plus, typo (one of more forests)? I guess the downside is filling your hand or emptying your deck - but you can just stop making forests.

  • Timberland Growth is extremely OP. Clogs the board with half-price 1/1s. Great for harvesting, means you don’t really ever need to draw, and most of your units will be 3 faeria cheaper.

Cards from replies:

  • Demagogue / Strawman - cool idea. Very situational so hard to imagine wanting it in a deck though.

  • Firebrand - same comment as above :slight_smile: except unfortunately it has an OP synergy with Possessed Ursus.

  • Stomp - quite expensive, especially with the land cost. I’d drop it to 3 faeria.

  • Spore Spire - seems a bit too good with synergies. I’d raise it to 3 faeria.

What about a card that just lets a creature make a second attack.

(“Adjacent” is there to avoid cannon-carrier/shoot/reload/shoot lethals and abuse).

Good for combat effect creatures.

In general, the costs and exact numbers on all the cards I post are placeholder. In order to figure out what they should actually be, we would need to do some play testing and I don’t think any of us are going to bother with that.

The way devour the meek is intended to function is that you choose a creature you control. And that creature deals damage equal to its power to each of your opponents lowest cost creatures and each of those creatures deals damage equal to their power to the creature you chose. Typically there will only be one lowest cost creature but if there are multiple creatures with the same cost that is the lowest cost, then each of those creatures would fight.

Aggression is a combo enabler at those costs. I’d splash it in SuperToad or GY Haste all day long and crush people.

It’d be awesome if there was a “test mode” you could log in to which had some additional cards they were trying out - no XP or gold or anything though, and no customer support. Throw in some of the most popular user cards every now and then, with crude / placeholder art.

[quote=“Ramora, post:15, topic:6226”]
each of your opponents lowest cost creatures … Typically there will only be one lowest cost creature
[/quote]Ah, that clears it up.
For consistency with other faeria things, why not make it just randomly pick one of the lowest cost creatures. To me it’d feel a bit odd/complex to group units into pools of matching cost (or health or whatever) and then act on those pools.

[quote=“Ramora, post:15, topic:6226”]
Aggression is a combo enabler at those costs. I’d splash it in SuperToad or GY Haste all day long and crush people.
[/quote]It costs a card. Perhaps it needs 2 mountains though - if it’s one mountain there’s potentially zero warning.
It also only works vs creatures so it won’t really enable surprise-lethals and by attacking twice you also take damage - so I don’t feel that it’s a strong card. With 2 mountains IMHO it actually feels too weak - might need a “and gain +1 faeria” or “draw a card” appended.

Ya, I just misread it. Assumed it said enemy, not specifically creature. Aggression is probably fine. It may not even be worth a card as an effect. Really hard to say without playtesting

It seems like Abrakam saw the Fleet Falcon and turned it into the Flash Salmon :stuck_out_tongue:. Really cool cards man :smiley: