Delay mulligan-animation

I think it would be good (fair) if the mulligan-animation was only played once both players clicked either “Keep” or “Redraw”. Reasons ->

I just wrote in my guide:

“If you plan to mulligan (draw a new opening hand), try to not do it before your opponent! Keep an eye on your opponents hand, weather or not she mulligans is important information. If she does mulligan there is a chance that she has a bad hand and you can punish it by being aggressive. That is why you should never mulligan before your opponent (you either do it after them or in the last second).”

It is simple to get a small advantage by doing this, and sooner or later everyone will do it. Which means everyone will wait 15 seconds before clicking “redraw”, which adds 5-10 unneccesary seconds per game. :slight_smile:

It also seems a bit weird on that whole opening animation when the compass spins…you know you are going first because your cards get dealt first I think. I can see your point about watching the mulligan. Perhaps keep the hands unseen until after the mulligan choice…then spin the compass…then show the card backs?

Nit picking I think as it looks great, but just commenting if it helps?

Yes, I just suggested the exact same thing as you independently on #feedback, J0k.
Could possibly have the 2nd player decide whether to mulligan or not first as well to give a tiny advantage back to the player going first, but one way or the other the order should be clear and non-exploitable.
And I agree the compass-spin should come before giving out the explore-card, it just feels wrong as it is now.

I have thought about this issue since reading your guide. Your implementation should be how it is done I feel.

On a side note, do you think it is ever wise to not redraw all three cards just so that your opponent doesn’t think you likely have a bad hand (mulligan meta meta haha)?

I dont think people pay enough attention for that to be worth it yet :slight_smile: