Display player level.. optional?

my player level is embarrassingly high at 91.

I don’t know how I feel that everyone can see how hopelessly addicted I am to the game.

It is almost as if I were a 350lb fat guy with a sign that says ‘350lbs!!!’ around his neck.

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:laughing: Hahaha, it’s not that high, most people on my friendlist are around 70. I know someone at level 160.

It’s not a big deal, I forget about the level number immediately during the game and others probably do too.

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Someone. cough

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According to this post it is a bug that will be fixed in the next update.

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A pity! I like that I can see other users’ rank. When it is much higher than mine, I am not so sad when they won from me, I understand that their experience higher. and if I won from them, I feel very much elevated. I am 60 level now myself.

As Rishka has said earlier, it’s quite nice to be able to see the player’s level. In Faeria, what matters is not your level at all, but the deck you have, the deck your opponent has, quite a lot of skill and a bit of luck. I’m level 47, but yesterday, I have defeated a level 80, before losing to a level 16 :slight_smile:

Also, the game has been out for at least 6 months in Early Access before it got released on Steam. And you gain XP even when you lose. So when people see a level 91, they don’t automatically think “addict”. You could be a person who spent several months playing by now, and your level is unrelated to your win rate. I hope they don’t fix that bug!

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Player levels
We would like to let it be known that the fact levels are showing in the versus screen is indeed a bug that was introduced in the latest patch. Levels being displayed in the friends list is intentional, but in-game during matchmaking is not.
This one slipped by us, and we apologize. It will be fixed on the next client update.