Does Green aggro actually work in ranked?

Anyone have any suggestion how to effectively play an aggro deck that consists of Green cards? I am a fairly new player and and loves Green decks in general.

Green Rush was played by the third placed player in the last monthly coup. So it will work in ranked.
You could just watch some replays of said player and see how he sets his lands and how he deals with the enemy :slight_smile:
I hope this helps

Also here is his deck list:

It is the deck i used as opener for the Monthly Cup of March. it helped me to reach the 3rd place.
You often want to go double neutral mid and rush, but in some cases you can go as Green Mid with Explorer Green on a side and a 5 drop during the first turn.

no; windstorm charger kills everything.

I played a version in ranked a month or two ago. From memory it got me to about rank 5, but I had to switch decks to get the last few ranks to God in time. I think my winrate went up about 15% when I switched to Red rush.

soooo…is yellow rush better or red rush?

if you’re looking for the best deck, it is actually mono-blue with jumpers. (that deck is out-right broken…)

Second-best I think is yellow events with windstorm charger