Monthly Cup IX Recap

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Monthly Cup IX Decks

The top four of this Monthly Cup were as followed:

  1. Arianelle
  2. Luuu90
  3. Trec
  4. IWinAgain

You can watch all the matches over on our YouTube channel!

Here are all the decks used by the top four players!

1st Place - Arianelle

Yellow Events

Blue Jump

Green Red Crackthorn

2nd Place - Luuu90

Red Combat Control

Yellow Tempo Events

Blue Jump

3rd Place - Trec

Blue Jump Events

Red Yellow Control

Green Rush

4th Place - IWinAgain

Blue Jump

Red Yellow Burn

Green Mid-Range

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Nice! Every color is represented. Now if only we could get some rainbow decks and some heavy neutral decks in there.

hahaha, good ! so funny to see that I don’t agree with many of these deck decisions, and would tweak them myself to higher performance (so I say,) …even though I am lucky to be ranked at 4.

Shame that those Shayton Demon’s lost Luu the tournament !! They are a great card, but perhaps only x1. I have to admit I was rooting for Luu, if only because I have seen his youtube videos.

Also interesting that there are no Yellow Rush hands, though each of the listed decks seem to counter it well enough, (be interesting to test that.)

also notice these are all ‘no nonsense decks’ in that they are not ‘novelty decks’ like G/Y Sacrifice, which I bet would absolutely wreck the green hands.

Finally, everyone is carrying a mirror blue jump deck, and are otherwise mostly mono-color with exception of 2 R/Y and one R/G. very few plains cards used. Not an INCREDIBLE amount of variety between most of these decks, though I suppose that is to be expected at the top of the meta.

Super thanks for posting a comprehensive chart like this.

ha! are these rock-paper-scissors counters??

amazing. … I will have to look into branching out into a unique secondary hand myself, soon… be really cool to see someone carry a unique deck list to skew the competition meta.

Arianelle’s GR is missing 3 cards anyone know what they are?